Why Do A Wine Tour in Italy?


Your vacation days in Italy are precious and will fly by so it is often hard to decide what day trips are the most important – what to include and what to skip while in Tuscany, Rome, Venice or other Italian city. Luckily, Le Baccanti has fantastic wine tours leaving from all the major cities and to all the important wine areas! Here are some top reasons are clients have given us for being happy they choose to do a wine tour with Le Baccanti.

  • A wine tour let us experience the Tuscan countryside in comfort.
  • Tasting wine where it is made is an experience like no other.
  • The rolling hills covered in vineyards and olive groves are breathtaking.
  • We were able to get out in the countryside and experience another side of Rome we wouldn’t have seen otherwise.
  • Our car and driver allowed for a day of perfect relaxation during our wine tour in Amalfi.
  • We learned about not only wine but olive oil during the winery tour at a top Brunello winery.
  • We were tired of museums and cities, our wine tour provided a great break from the city.
  • Private and unique, our kids loved the Chianti Classico wine tour as much as we did, especially the winery’s castle and ramparts.
  • We wanted to visit a small village on our trip, but we were staying in only major cities, the wine tour from Venice stopped at a great small village we really enjoyed.
  • ·The restaurant we went to on our winery tour was off the beaten track – what a relief to get away from the other tourists and finally get a taste of authentic Italian cooking instead of tourist-fare.