It is very important for your comfort and safety to choose a licensed, reputable company. Please note that by Italian law, tours and holiday packages can only be sold by authorised, fully licensed and frequently inspected travel agents. Associations, hotels, transport service companies and all other operators who are not expressly travel agents are not authorised to sell tourist tours or packages.

Unfortunately, unlicensed travel agencies are common throughout Italy. Customers of these operators are not covered by insurance nor by customer-protection laws. Because such operators have low running costs and do not pay taxes they can offer competitive prices, but their reliability in terms of delivery and quality of services is, at best, extremely doubtful. If you chose an unauthorised operator you will not be covered by insurance and risk getting no service at all. You may be stopped by the police during the tour and you will almost certainly have no refund in case of justified complaints.

Regular travel agents are authorised by the various Italian provincial governments.

Each provincia publishes a list of authorised agents within in its territory.

To verify whether or not you are dealing with such an agent you can ask him to give you his Province Authorisation Reference.

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