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Carnival in Venice – 23 Jan – 9 February


Recently ranked at number 7 on Conde Nast’s most beautiful places in the world Venice is indeed a unique city.  Venice is a collection of 118 islands connected by bridges and separated by canals, running through the heart of it is the Grand Canal, on which the Venetian noble families spent fortunes building impressive Palaces to show off their wealth.

Carnival in Venice is a two week long annual festival which ends 40 days before Easter at the start of Lent. Venice’s piazzas and canals become awash with cloaked figures wearing colourful and exotic masks.  The city is filled with street performances, parades and banquets, not to mention the famous Masked Carnival Balls which are held in the most historic palaces.

This years theme is Creatum: Introducing Art and Tradition, with the aim of a rebirth of Venices ancient origins, where arts and trades are the protagonists.  With a focus of attention on mask makers, weavers, tailors and glass-makers. Another highlight is the open air theatre in St. Mark’s square which will host live musical and theatrical performances.

Embrace the spirit of Carnival with a tour of the Grand Canal Boat Tour. Seeing Venice from the water is the best way to experience it’s charms and feel its magic.  Your tour will be aboard a luxurious Ventetian motorboat with professional captain. You will cruise down the Grand Canal sipping prosecco as your expert guide explains the history of the city and the majestic palaces.

Or why not spend a day in the Prosecco region on a Prosecco Wine Tour, learning about how Prosecco is made and tasting the sparkling white wine that is outselling Champagne in the Britain.  Start you day driving through the lush hills of the Valdobbiadene area to your first winery where your Prosecco Wine Tour starts with a visit to a small family-run estate where you will taste the results of their lovingly tended 100 year old vineyards.

From there you will visit the small medieval hamlet of Follina, with it’s beautiful Cistercian Abbey dating back to the 12th century.  Enjoy a delicious lunch of local specialities at a local restaurant before visitng a second larger state-of-the-art winery for your second Prosecco tasting, where you will begin to understand the many variations and styles of Prosecco production.

Carnival and Prosecco – pure decadence.