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Meeting Events in Northern Italy’s Franciacorta for Top Management

Here’s an idea for your next Top Management meeting in Northern Italy proposed by Le Baccanti Tours and Events!

Where: Franciacorta Wine Region (about an hour from Milan, Italy). This area is famous for its beautiful sparkling wine producing region.
Lodging: Relais & Chateaux L’Albereta, 5-Star Resort that offers  maximum comfort in a picturesque setting.
Venue: All teambuilding activities are held within the highly rated restaurant of chef Gualtiero Marchesi.

Day 1: Arrival and check-in at L’Albereta
13.00 Welcome lunch
14.00 Meeting in a private room, including coffee breaks
18.00 Conclusion
20.00 Dinner in a private room at the restaurant of Chef Gualtiero Marchesi with a Wine Challenge Dinner, led by Filippo Bartolotta.

Day 2:
9.00 Meeting with morning coffee break
13.00 Buffet-style lunch
14.00 Early afternoon meeting
16.00 Conclusion and departure

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Le Baccanti Tours is a luxury travel and event company located in Tuscany, Italy. We have been specializing in gourmet food, wine and cultural activities in Italy for over 10 years. We pride ourselves on showing our discerning group of clients the authentic and beautiful Italy of their dreams.


Italian Horseback Riding or Trekking Adventures for Incentive Programs

Get your business group out of the office and into the beautiful and inspiration Italian countryside and see what they are made of. Le Baccanti offers incentive days filled with Italian fresh air and stunning scenery. We can take your group through the countryside either on horseback or trekking on foot to charming Chianti villages or on trails through the rolling verdant vineyards.
Whether you have a group or just a few horseback riding or trekking can add fun and excitement to your corporate event, even for beginners. The landscape certainly plays a vital role and the rolling hills of Tuscany is easily one of the best backdrops to your trekking or adventure on horseback!

Throughout the year, participants will discover the different colors and seasons of  the beautiful region of Tuscany, working in teams or simply enjoying the magnificent atmosphere!

Gourmet pit stops can be incorporated into your customized event either on foot or horseback, to satisfy your foodie guests so they discover local tastes and flavors of the countryside!

Le Baccanti Tours is a luxury travel company located in Tuscany, Italy. We have been specializing in gourmet food, wine and cultural tours of Italy for over 10 years. We pride ourselves on showing our discerning group of clients the authentic and beautiful Italy of their dreams.

Gourmet Market Walk


A great way to help participants relax and be entertained during a convention or incentive trip

Flavors, tastes and vibrant colors of local culinary tradition

Lead by a food expert to introduce guests to new ideas

Historic market area and beautiful architecture

Participants breathe the fresh air as they walk through this “open museum”

Market Gourmet Food Walk –How it works

Our gourmet food expert encounters the group at their hotel or a local bar, and after a quick espresso (what better way to start a gourmet walk), the group heads to a charming local food market where they will explore the local delicacies together. The Italian marketplace is a vibrant, colorful place full of enticing smells and a myriad of hidden treasures your gourmet guide is ready to reveal.

Tripe, prosciutto, Parmesan cheese, balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, kale, tomatoes, pumpkins, panforte, biscotti, Chianti Classico, Barolo, Amarone.

This isn’t a magic potion – it is the ingredient list for an unforgettable morning!

Why Choose the Market Gourmet Food Walk for your group?

We can fully customize your Food Market Walk to your guests’ needs and what you hope to accomplish and ensure that the group has a wonderful time. We are happy to arrange for group transfers in luxury minibuses or to have the group be met at your hotel or convention center or another convenient meeting spot.

Where the Food Market Walk takes place

Florence, Siena, Rome, Milan, Turin, Bologna and many other cities and towns offer the perfect setting for this entertaining and enjoyable gourmet walk. Yum!


Masterpiece for the Senses Corporate Events


More than just a wine tasting evening – an event that stimulates the senses and evokes emotions

A thrilling journey through Siena, discovering her masterpieces of art and top wines perfect as part of a Travel Incentive trip

High quality entertainment that captures the imagination and involves guests on many levels

Team Building as you’ve never seen it before – A fascinating interplay between what is beautiful and what is delicious

How Masterpiece for the Senses works – Team Building event or simply an amazing evening for friends

Le Baccanti’s expert leader takes guests on a tasting journey of three important Senese wines, accompanying these delicious wines with the inspiration and beauty of masterpieces of art, poetry and music. The guests, comfortably seated around elegant tables, are invited to participate in this fascinating interplay between beauty and taste as they experience the wine through their own emotional reactions to the taste, sights and sounds of the masterpieces. To further heighten the senses, there is also a playful tasting game to go beyond just wine and further explore the taste of beauty through artisanal food delights of Siena.

Why choose Masterpiece for the Senses for your group of colleagues, business partners, museum patrons or friends?

Masterpiece for the Senses is an activity that has an instant emotional impact, no matter what level of enogastronomic experience your guests may have. Participants find themselves totally caught up in the rich atmosphere of magnificent sights, sounds, tastes and images of Siena’s incredible masterpieces both artistic and for the palate. The participants are enriched with this profound but also entertaining experience presented in an original and stimulating way. The event harmoniously blends the joy of tasting great wine with the contemplation of amazing works of art. The hands-on participation of guests, stimulating them through their senses, brings each guest into direct contact with il Bello and il Buono through this playful mix of culture and entertainment.

Where does the Masterpiece for the Senses take place?

For each event, we carefully work with you to choose the perfect location that will create a magical atmosphere to envelop your guests during their sensory journey. The dining room of a palace, the historical center of a small medieval village, a prestigious winery cellar, and an internationally renowned museum of art, are just a few of the places we have held these events in the past both in Italy and abroad – much to our guests delight!

The Le Baccanti team looks forward to putting on a Masterpiece of the Senses for your group – we specialize in Team Building events and Incentive travel so please contact us to learn more about our corporate event and travel planning.