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The Pope opens the gardens of Castel Gandolfo


Visiting Rome? Planning on experiencing the Vatican? We have good news! The general public including tourists will be able to access the Pontifical Villas of Castel Gandolfo (considered the “second Vatican” ) in order to visit the Barberini Gardens. Castel Gandolfo is a town located 15 miles (24 kilometres) southeast of Rome in the Lazio region of Italy situated on the Alban Hills overlooking Lake Albano. This is considered the second Vatican because it is also the summer and vacation residence of the Pope. What makes the gardens of Castel Gandolfo so special is that they are the private gardens of the pope that span 30 hectares, which means 300,000 square meters! The Vatican Gardens have been a place of quiet and meditation for the popes for centuries. The gardens at Castel Gandolfo even host agricultural activity with orchards, farms, flowers, animal stables and more. Over the past millennium, the Catholic church and its Popes have been amassing amazing works of art within the gardens. In fact, the pontifical gardens contain endless structures of incredible importance. A visit to the pontifical gardens is an experience not to be missed for those interested in visiting Rome and are looking to experience the Vatican history and sites. If you are interested in visiting the Papal garden grounds, guided tours will be available and general entrance will be permitted to visitors to explore the botanical and architectural wonders of the pontifical residence, known by now as the “second Vatican.”

Interested in learning all about Rome? The best way to experience Rome is with a private guided tour with a local expert. Check out our website or contact us for private tours of Rome and the surrounding areas such as the castles, villas, ancient ruins beyond just the Colosseum and more.


Top UNESCO sites to visit in Italy


What is UNESCO? UNESCO stands for United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization which is a branch of the United Nations designed to protect culture, science and education. One of the ways UNESCO does this is by assigning sights and destinations with special cultural, historical or physical qualities like the Venetian Lagoon, Ancient Rome and The Last Supper in Milan. The list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites is created and maintained by the members of the program of UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee. The sights gain international attention for preservation and safeguarding- in other words these are sights that the UN deems to have timeless importance in international and intercultural relations.

Italy as a country has the largest number of UNESCO heritage sights in the world and coincidentally are some of the most sought out destinations for tourists from around the world. Some of the top UNESCO sites to visit in Italy include:

1. The Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci

On display at the Pinacoteca in Brera (Milan) quite arguably one of the best museums in Italy, the masterpiece by Da Vinci represents the scene of The Last Supper of Jesus with his disciples. According the scene portrayed in the bible, Leonardo in this painting has depicted the dismay that occurred among the Twelve Disciples when Jesus announced that one of them would betray him. Visiting Milan and want to visit The Last Supper? This is one of the stops on our Best of Milan tour and we highly recommend you book with us. Getting tickets to the museum is like a poker game. We are pros at getting tickets and can organize your tour in Milan with an expert art guide.

2. Villa Adriana Tivoli

This is an ancient Roman villa built by emperor Hadrian in 2nd century AD and is considered to have special physical significance by UNESCO for having its architecture influenced by Greek, Roman and Ancient Egyptian elements. The villa is full of remains, fountains and botanical gardens. A must visit for ancient history buffs. From Rome, the villa can be easily reached by taxi, train or the metro underground. Let us know if you would like more information about visiting Villa Hadrian.

3. The Historical center of Florence

Historical centers in Italy in the major cities like Rome, Siena and Florence are apart of the UNESCO heritage list of sites and for good reason. All of these centers are filled with a large number of rich historical statues, monuments, museums which house centuries old masterpieces, architectures, etc. Florence has a tiny historical center but is home to a wide array of precious sights like the Ponte Vecchio, the Uffizi museum (holds pieces from the world’s greatest artists like Michelangelo, Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci and Raphael) and the iconic Florentine Brunelleschi Duomo. Our guided tour of Florence covers everything you ever wanted to see or know about this renaissance UNESCO heritage gem.


Rome: Cellar Tour and Wine Challenge Dinner in a castle!


If Rome is your base city and you want to offer an activity outside office hours as part of your Incentive program, Le Baccanti has a new offer for you!

18:00PM: Pick-up from the hotel in the city in the direction of: Castles!

Welcome…enjoy your visit in a prestigious and stunning wine cellar- a spectacular venue choice for a company gathering.

Once in the main dining room, guests can relax with an aperitif as our master of events kicks off the evenings entertainment with the basics for how to taste wine, ensuring that even wine novies are relaxed and in their comfort zone. Wine doesn’t have to be intimidating!

Dinner will begin with a true sense of team building during the Wine Challenge. Every table will form a team and the challenge begins! The winner will be able to enjoy their prize after dinner, and if they choose, by sharing with their fellow collegues.

For details and options for personalizing an event according to your needs and preferences, contact Le Baccanti


Four Great Cities to Visit in Italy


By Charles Jackson

Italy is home to the most UNESCO-protected historical sites of any country in the world and it’s no surprise since the country, along with Greece, is the birthplace of Western Civilization. Ancient monuments and relics of past ages, many dating back thousands of years, can be found throughout the country. Italy is also famous for its high quality of life, superb wine and food and leading influences in the world of fashion and modern culture. Italy has something for everyone – beaches, ski resorts, ancient cities and many diverse regional cultures. Consider these four Italian cities for your next city break to Europe.


The capital and largest city of Italy, Rome has had an enormous influence on the wider world during its 2,500 years of history. The centre of the legendary Roman Empire, Rome is one of the world’s birthplaces of human civilization, culture, religion and science. The centre is full of stunning palaces, basilicas, churches and ruins which are thousands of years old. It is no surprise that the city is one of the most visited and revered on the planet. Rome is home to some of the world’s most familiar landmarks such as the Coliseum, Roman Forum, the Vatican and far, far more. The artistic and archaeological treasures that Rome offers are simply immeasurable.


A fairly small historical city with a population of about 380 thousand, Bologna is a manageable place which can mostly be seen on foot. Very popular among Italians, Bologna is rather less visited by foreigners, making it one of Italy’s most underrated cities. Bologna is best known for its university, one of the oldest one in Europe. For nightlife and student life, Bologna is an absolutely perfect place to go for a weekend break. You’ll also be able to enjoy superb food and wander around beautiful terracotta-roofed buildings. The charming city has many great attractions such as the Piazza Maggiore main square, the Neptune Fountain and the Archaeological Museum.


About the same size as Bologna, Florence is also a beautiful city. It is considered by many as a cultural and artistic centre offering some of Italy’s most beautiful architecture and culture. Florence is the capital of Tuscany, a large area of western Italy. Its cultural heritage dates back to the time of the Renaissance which started in the city in the fourteenth century. Florence has many great attractions to offer visitors, such as the Uffizi gallery, the Pitti Palace, the Duomo and the main Piazza. Various university campuses are located in Florence making the town a lively place to party at night as well. Just be careful to avoid the extremely overpriced tourist hotspots if you want to stick to any kind of a budget.


Known the world over for its unique beauty, canals, and gondolas paddling along rivers instead of cars on streets, Venice is a truly unique destination. One of Italy’s most romantic cities, Venice is the capital of the Veneto Region. It has a population of about 270 thousand with about a fifth of it living in the historic area of the city. Between the ninth and twelfth centuries, Venice was an important city state and it grew rapidly. The city offers numerous attractions such as the Piazza San Marco with the St Mark’s Basilica, the fifth century San Giacomo di Rialto church and the enormous Dominican church of San Giovanni e Paolo. An absolute must-do in Venice is to take a Gondola ride around the many canals. In fact, it’s the most practical way to get around!