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by Filippo Bartolotta

Back in NYC is again time to enjoy Daphne and Milo. Central Park is our mission with football and everything.

As we set sail for the park I wonder if together with the football I should bring something for Daphne.

After a few minutes it is clear that Milo would be having troubles grabbing the ball off her!!!

But as the game goes ahead Milo makes it for a nice through which Daphne catches immediately.

Awesome afternoon, very much needed to recharge batteries before one of the last Italy at Your Table event in Boston at Rialto with Jody Adams and Benedetta Vitali.

I am very thrilled about it all and this time after a lot of plains and trains I decided to hop on a cab to go for another full American experience getting on a GreyHound trip from New York to Boston

We arrived at Rialto in Cambridge in the early afternoon just about right to have enough time for a shower and the wine check up for the evening.

I make sure all of our wines are at the right temperature, jodi and I talk a little about how the evening should go and…it is show time.

Like in all of the US restaurants with touched we always opened with Ferrari Lunelli Perlè. This is one of Italy’s most acclaimed Blanc du Blanc (100%Chardonnay) built with elegance and craft to deliver a lot of complexity and a lingering pleasant mousse.

Then before going for dinner guests were offered a tasting session of Boscarelli Vino Nobile di Montepulciano Riserva 2003, Punset Barbaresco Campo Quadro 2001, Montevetrano 2005,

The menu featuring Benedetta Vitali as a guest chef started with Seppie Inzimino (squid with spinach and tomatoes) with Proprietà Sperino Uvaggio 2006 and Barolo Bricco Pernice Elvio Cogno 2005.

Then Lamb with herbs, cardoon and roasted potatoes to go with Silvio Nardi Brunello di Montalcino 2004 and Tenute San Leonardo 2004. Closure with a great Panna Cotta which paired perfectly the Aleatico dell’Elba Tenuta delle Ripalte.

Another evening went by an another outstanding Benedetta Vitali performance took place. and another group of forty lucky ones learned, shared and enjoyed Fine Italian Wines and great Italian Cuisine with Italy at Your Table.


Biting on the Big Apple


by Filippo Bartolotta

I have to catch up with my diary as the following days will be packed with events and the current ones are over packed.

We got in NYC with the kids set up at the Love a lot school and everything has been going pretty well and smoothly aside the enormous amount of work that LEBACCANTI back office with Vanessa guiding everything with immense clarity and thoroughness; Barbara implementing all the actions, Carrie and Valentina co-ordinating from Florence Italy.

On my side I have been finishing off an article for Decanter Magazine and getting the last details in place for the Road show with a little morning run here and there to

check the neighborhood.

The second part of the week has been a little more crazy also for me as I had to get a group of wonderful “Italy at Your Table “wine selection to try with John Malkovich in occasion of the launch of his new artistic fashion creation.

I went to the Rivington Hotel to place all the bottles there while waiting for John.

I want to personally thank the following tremendous wine estates who made it to this awesome opportunity managing to get the bottle in time in only 24 hours!!!

Chianti Classico Riserva Castello di Monsanto 2006

Valiano Riserva 2006

Arnaldo Caprai Sagrantino di Montefalco 25 Anni

Isole e Olena Cepparello 2006

Proprietà Sperino Lessona 2005

Silvio Nardi Brunello di Montalcino 2004

Punset Barbaresco Campo Quadro 2004

Banfi Brunello di Montalcino 2004

Poderi Boscarelli Vigna il Nocio 2006

Tenuta Friggiali Pietra Nera 2004

While Barbara was getting the wines out of the extremely “secured” boxes, I was displaying the bottles on the pool table.

My son in the meanwhile was having fun in the most amazing candy shop in NYC which happens to be wright in front of  The Rivington Hotel: ECONOMY CANDY NYC.

We are trying to set up another event with John at the beginning of March, of course always with the TechnoBohemian underground noise!

Talking about underground…

Right after arranging the wines for John Malkovich, Vanessa and I set off to visit an underground Sushi place on the lower East side: Sushi Uo 151 Rivington St.

It is a tiny but quite glamorous place with great traditional Sushi dishes and more experimental ideas like the gnocchi with on a horse radish bed for instance.

It’s is a very romantic little restaurant very difficult

to find as it is in a private house.

Everything is really fresh and expressly made right in front of you by super Sushi master chef David Bouhadana. A very New Yorker that moves as fast as a Japanese cartoon: he has been a great host.

Not cheap and the music too loud for my taste, but great service and friendly hospitable approach with a very good Sake list!

Morning after this is time to hope on the train to Washington, but not before a little street band motivational music:

I’ll tell you more about the 48 hours in Washington DC where I have been having the most hectic and yet relaxing time with amazing helpful and interesting people. I’ll tell you more about Josè Andres and ThinkFood in the next blog because right on arrival with Alice’s assistant (super sweet) Sarah I started off right with a tasting at the Miller’s the CEO of Josè Andrés ThinkFoodGroup.

Starting from my zen artist host Dhalia and her tremendous wooden American house in Kenwood.

…to atomic Jan Bhurgman, Joane Nathan and Robert Morrison and all the great volunteers and hosts of the Sunday Night Supper Event.

Now I am in Kansas City where I am dashing off to start the first official date of ITALY AT YOUR TABLE.

I am a little nervous although Kevin and Gina are looking after me realllllllly well.

Also, last night with Alice Waters I got a clicking inspirational moment which is still lingering with my tastings of the Italy at Your Table Wines that she loved so much: her aura is simple and yet never lasting: thank you Alice!

Tomorrow I’ll tell you about the Dinner at Joane Nathan’s with all the celebrity chef and of course Alice Waters.

Go to go…