Aeolian Island Walking Tour - Lipari or Salina

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What our guests say

Lipari is a beautiful island and well worth an exploration. We had plenty of time to stop and enjoy the scenery, take photos, and have our many questions answered. Our guide was very informative throughout the trip. Would definitely recommend this excursion.
Elizabeth M., Australia



Aeolian Island Walking Tour - Lipari or Salina Highlights

Discover islands of Lipari or Salina in Eolian (Aeolina) Sicilian Island chain
Enjoy tastings of amazing wines of Aeolian islands with wine experts
Complete services of private English-speaking trekking guide
Experience Sicily's rich nature, walking sites and deep history in one full day
Amazing seafood restaurant booking for lunch

Aeolian Island Walking Tour - Lipari or Salina Program

Enjoy a full-day private walking tour on Lipari or Salina islands with your private English-speaking guide, an expert in local lore and the history of this wonderful area in Sicily.  We will personalize an Aeolian Island Walking tour to suit your needs and can meet you either on the island or as you disembark from the incoming ferry from Sicily.  If you'd like to focus on wine, we can arrange winery visits and tastings on both island destinations.   We will also book you for a great seafood or lunch featuring local specialities on either island.

Eolian or Aeolian Island of Sicily

There are seven islands that make up the Aeolian Islands of Sicily.  We will focus on relaxed Lipari, and bucolic Salina.  Let us know and we would be happy to customize a tour featuring the other islands: wild Filicudi, introspective Alicudi, volcanic Stromboli, Ginostra and Vulcano, and VIP Panarea.


Lipari is the biggest in this Sicilian island chain, and boasts a wild, deluxe sensation.  You'll see the difference between Marina Lunga (your arrival point) and Marina Corta, which has maintained the original feel of an Aeolian harbor.  You'll be able to see the traditional Italian beach resorts in Canneto, the pomice caves of Acquacalda, the thermal baths of the Terme di San Calogero dating back 3500 years ago, and the unique panoramic views in Quattropani. 

Also included in this sensational guided tour is a visit to the caves of Caolino, where a special mineral used in historic ceramic production was born from intense, ancient volcanic activity.  This volcano is still active today, producing steam and fumarole viewable with your private guide. 

For wine lovers, this special tour can also include a stop at the Castellaro winery, specialized producers who combine tradition and cutting-edge technology to recover ancient native grape varieties that would otherwise be lost in the race to modernize and lose this vital connection with the past.


Salina enjoys spectacular vineyards and stately olive groves perched between Monte dei Porri and Fossa delle Felci.  By including Salina in your personalized Aeolian Isand Walking Tour, you'll be able to report back walking amongst inactive volcanoes and exploring the highest peaks of the Aeolian Islands.

This lush, pastoral island is delightfully covered with caper flowers, and features a deep, blue sea visible behind the hairpin turns criss-crossing the fields of Malvasia, the celebrity grape exported world-wide. The relaxing trail between Leni and Pollara features a shop with local delicacies available for tasting, and for sale.  You might also desire to experience the natural beauty of Pollara, made famous in the film Il Postino for its alluring seaside valley. 

Salina boasts numerous wineries offering regional specialties and excellent wines.  Put your tastebuds to work on this private tour by tasting capers, cucunci, sun-dried tomatoes, pane cunzatu and refreshing granitas, all freshly produced in this unique Sicilian island bursting with natural beauty and memorable culinary delicacies.

What's Included in your Aeolian Island Walking Tour - Lipari or Salina

Round-trip itinerary, beginning and ending from the same point.
Customizable trekking experience that can include tastings of food and wine.
Lunch in a delicious seafood or charming local restaurant featuring regional delicacies.  Note the meals are not included, and will be paid onsite.

22% VAT taxes.
Our pampering care for a fantastic, easy walking day.

What's Not Included in your Aeolian Island Walking Tour - Lipari or Salina

Please note that a ferry will most likely necessary to arrive to the island, based on your lodgings.  Ferry tickets are not included and must be purchase directly.  Do let us know your interests upon booking.  Please note that the actual visits and tastings are not included and will be paid onsite.


SPECIAL NOTE:  This tour is recommended only for people who are in good physical condition and are able to walk on uneven surfaces at a sustained pace for several hours.  Please contact us with any special requirements you have or for further information.