Honey Tasting near Florence

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What our guests say

We very much enjoyed the tour and the information we learned about the bees. We were fascinated by the different taste of each honey, and appreciated the tour guide who was really passionate about sharing knowledge with us. We have family who raises bees at home, and now have a better understanding about the whole process.
Beatriz S., Panama



Honey Tasting near Florence Highlights

Learn about traditional and modern beekeeping approaches in Tuscany

Guided visit to working Tuscan honey and olive oil farm by honey producer

Taste wide range of locally produced original and unique honey

Add unexpected delicacy to your exploration of Tuscan gourmet products

*This is a self-driven tour on an authentic Tuscan farm located 35 minutes driving time from Florence, and 40 minutes from Siena.*

Honey Tasting near Florence Program

Come experience the magic and mystery of Tuscan bees and the beautiful rainbow of honey they produce.  The bees and the farm hosting these creatures produce a wide range of honey: from thick and as dark as molasses, to solid and amber, to flowing and gold.  Each type has its own distinct flavor and story to tell, and each enjoys its own production techniques.  The honey, as you will soon see and taste, also varies greatly depending on what sort of flowers are used in its creation.

Located half-way between Florence and Siena in the glorious Chianti countryside, you'll arrive at this fully-functional bee farm on a quiet Tuscan country road.  The charming farmhouse and its flowering gardens provide the perfect welcome to this lovely farm specialized in honey production, extra-virgin olive oil and Chianti wine.

Your guided visit will last about two hours, beginning with an English-language introduction to beekeeping, an explanation of bees and how they produce honey, and a possible visit to a live beehive (depending on the season and stage of production).

Your private Honey Tasting Tour continues with a guided walk through the woods prior to your sensory lesson and tasting of several different kinds of honey produced directly on the honey farm.  Not only do they have millefiore (translating to "1000 flowers") honey, but they also specialize in the production of single-flower honey.  This delectable honey indicates that it is honey that has been collected during one certain flower blooming. 

You can also taste millefiore honey that has been produced by moving the bees to different areas to create very distinct flavors, textures and tastes.  Your Honey Tasting Tour will include samplings of honeys produced from the folllowing flowers: Acacia, Sunflower, Heather, and Blackberry bush, and many more. 

You will never think of honey the same way again!  Your tour will also include a small lesson on the production of wonderful extra-virgin olive oil, and of course, you'll be able to taste this unforgettable, colorful, vibrant oil. 

Please be aware that this tour is best scheduled on Mondays, Tuesdays, or Wednesdays with the possibility of scheduling a visit on other days during the week upon request.

What's Included in Your Honey Tasting Near Florence Tour

Guided visit to a Tuscan farm with beekeeping and honey production led by English-speaking expert.

Possible tour of the actual beehives, with complete explanation of beekeeping.

Tasting of many different types of locally produced honey and explanation behind the flowers used to create this delicious Tuscan delicacy.

Short explanation of olive oil production, including a tasting of extra-virgin olive oil from the farm.

22% VAT taxes.

What's Not Included in your Honey Tasting Near Florence Tour

This tour is self-driven to the honey farm.  The farm in conveniently located approximately 35 minutes from Florence or 40 minutes from Siena.  If you need a transfer, please let us know and we can send you a quote for this additional service.