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What our guests say

An excellent way to get to know Venice before we actually went out and explored the city on foot. We knew Venice could get overwhelming, so we're so happy that our intuition was right. Our guide was so helpful and made such great recommendations that we really feel that we saw the best of Venice without wasting any of our limited vacation time. This is the way to prepare yourself for Venice!
Susanna B., USA



Orientation Chat Venice Highlights

Enjoy a personalized orientation chat with an English-speaking Venetian local

Intensive welcome to Venice to help you make the most of your stay

Gain insider knowledge of the best things to do while visiting Venice

Savor delicious coffee while receiving crash-course on Venice from local


Orientation Chat Venice Program

Wherever you are staying, be it villa, hotel, or private home, odds are that you'll come away happier and having experienced a more authentic side of Venice if you take time to enjoy an orientation chat with our local English-speaking expert guide. This service is unique as we utilize our years of local industry experience to direct you to the best museums, galleries, historic sites, restaurants, wine bars, and shopping in the area.

Taking time to chat about these activities in Venice with an authentic local person working and living in Venice can help avoid disagreeable and expensive pitfalls when relying exclusively on the internet or guide books (which often contain outdated, biased information). 

Your local Venetian city guide will explain art and historic background information about the local churches and museums, and without which you can easily miss a great deal of memorable sites.   If the idea strikes your fancy, your local guide can even help you test your Venetian linguistic savvy with a full-immersion bantering session with the locals, after your local guide has instructed you in a crash-course on Venetian dialect.

Your local Venetian guide will put you in touch with the right people, advise you on the best local and seasonal events, help you select the best mode of transportation, share reserved insider knowledge on the finest dining and wining in the city (as selected for the highest culinary quality and fairest prices), and indicate local and often-overlooked points of native beauty spots both within the city and the immediate surrounding areas.  We can also provide more scholarly, academic, serious interactions focusing on historic, artistic, and political matters if you'd like to delve deeper into your authentic Venetian experience.

What's Included in Your Orientation Chat Venice

Private meeting with an expert English-speaking local guide (approx. 1 hour).

Complete explanation about the must-see sights and experiences in Venice to be enjoyed over coffee or an aperitivo.

Explanation of important artistic masterpieces at historic locations.

Suggestions for amazing places to eat, shop, visit etc.

Suggestions of places to avoid at certain times.  

22% VAT taxes.