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What our guests say

We took a tour to Ostia Antica with our lovely guide Le Baccanti organized for us. The guide met us as pre-arranged, on the dot. Our guide was terrific, and really brought beautiful Ostia Antica to life for us, including our two teenage daughters. We are so glad we took time out to step outside of beautiful Rome, it was an utter treat, so peaceful and quiet, and yet we got a true taste of how life used to be. A fabulous trip, thank you Le Baccanti.
Jakob R., Denmark


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Rome Ostia Antica Highlights

Private English speaking guide specialzing in art and history for half-day tour

Imagine daily Roman life at the time of the emperors

View and learn about immacutely-presernved sites with expert

View ancient remains and imagine a bustling Roman town

*This private walking tour departs from outside the excavation site in Ostia, 30 km (20 miles) from Rome's historic center.*

Rome Ostia Antica Tour Program

Ostia, once a major city and seaport whose importance in the Roman world spanned whose over eight hundred years beginning in 220 B.C., is today an unusually well-preserved archaeological site outside of Rome.  This unique historic structure is a remarkable stop during your stay in Italy, particularly if you're interested in daily life in the late Roman Republic and throughout the vast Roman Empire.

You will meet your expert English-speaking guide at the entrance to Ostia Antica.  Together you will cross the incredible ruins, as your expert guide introduces you to what daily life was like in the city.  Your guide will be able to discuss the city's arts, culture, and language in great depth, and can focus on the number of Roman emporers that passed through this wonderful seaside hub.  Ostia grew as a seaport at the mouth of the Tiber some 30 km, or 20 miles, west of the city of Rome, but by the end of the 3rd century A.C. ground erosion had moved the coast some 5 km seaward.

As in Pompei, Herculaneum and Stabiae, cobble-paved streets in this archaeologic site pass the remains of shops, taverns, dwellings, public hot-water baths and the always-present theater where Romans all congregated and carried on with their daily activities under the sometimes tyrannical rule of the emperors. With a bit of imagination, the daily hue, cry, and bustle become nearly audible...most visitors are touched by the allure of times long past.

After your half-day walking tour, your private guide can give you suggestions for lunch or dinner in the charming nearby town of Castello di Giulio II with its largely intact medieval walls surrounding the charming historic area.

What's Included in Your Rome Ostia Antica Tour

The services of an expert English-speaking guide specializing in art and history (approx. 3 hours).

Tour of Ostia Antica archaeological site with historical explanations (entrance fee not included).

Explanation of all the most important buildings and sites within the archaeological site.

Recounting of the history, culture and daily life of Ostia Antica.

22% VAT taxes.

Our pampering care!

What's Not Included in Your Rome Ostia Antica Tour

Transportation to the meeting point in Ostia is not included.  It can be easily reached by private car or public transportation from Rome.  If you would like us to arrange for a private car and English-speaking driver for you, please contact us for your entire booking.