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What our guests say

Our truffle hunt in Alba was one of the most beautiful experiences we had in Piedmont. The truffle hunter was most professional and serious, and made the truffle hunt above all a fascinating cultural experience. Alba itself is also well-worth exploring if you have some time in Piedmont. Definitely recommendable!
Sueli, M., Brasil


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Truffle Hunt in Alba Highlights

Hunt woods around Alba for most precious black and white truffles

Learn insider ropes from professional truffle hunter and his trained dog

Identify the different tree species and the ideal habitat for truffle growth

Analyse truffles and recognize different types found in locally

Experience a sensory analysis of truffles with your expert guide

Truffle Hunt in Alba Program

To the uninitiated, truffles may just be foul tubers.  But to the gourmand, it represents the ultimate in culinary delights, with some epicureans declaring that they have the fragrance of the gods.  Although found in France, northern Spain, and other parts of Italy, the region around Alba is considered the quintessential truffle capital.  It's also the economic bellwether that determines the official price of truffles worldwide. 

Should your visit to Italy be timed to coincide with the annual Truffle Festival in Alba, you'll be able to see the impact these locally-unearther delights have on the rest of the global market.  The method to discover this delicacy only adds to its overall mystique.

Your half-day truffle hunt with your local expert truffle guide and English-interpreter begins at the doorway of one of the region's finest wineries.  After a brief walk through the vineyards to enjoy the scenic views, you'll be off in the woods exploring with your truffle expert and his trained dog. 

Sniffing through the misty woods of Piedmont, the truffle-hunting dog will suddenly search in one specific spot.  The dog will dig its paws into the crunchy soil.  Your seasoned guide will rapidly stop the dog, and will gingerly explore further into the ground.  Your expert guide will then remove the hidden treasure: a large walnut-sized white truffle. 

The truffle hunt lasts approximately an hour, upon which you'll learn how to analyze truffles from a technical and sensory point of view, as professional truffle tasters do.  You'll learn more about the black and white truffles, why they are considered a foundation element of the slow-food movement, how to use them, how to taste them, and how to preserve them.

Then, if you wish, your full-immersion into the world of truffles can continue with a terrific truffle lunch.  Your guide will gladly give you suggestions on where to go for a great meal near or in Alba featuring the superb local truffles. 

What's Included in Your Truffle Hunt in Alba

Truffle hunt with an expert truffle hunter and dog (approx. 1,5-2 hours).

The services of an English speaking interpreter.

Guided analysis lesson - characteristics, sight and smell (approx. 30 minutes).

22% VAT taxes.

What's Not Included in Your Truffle Hunt

Transportation to the meeting point in the countryside is not provided.  If you would like us to provide transportation, please email us before completing your reservation for more information.  Truffle(s) found during the hunt belong to the truffle hunter and may be purchased from your guide according to the day's bid price on the local market.  In season, if an appreciable amount of black truffle is found and according to the truffle hunter's full discretion, a small black truffle may be given as a gift to the guests at the end of the excursion (Please note: white truffles are never given to guests).  Truffle analysis does not include tasting of the product.  Be sure to dress appropriately for a light hike in the woods, with suitable shoes and pants for walking and truffle-hunting.  Boots available onsite for rental, should you prefer.


SPECIAL NOTE:  If your visit to Alba and Piedmont falls in the autumn period towards the end of October through mid-November, you'll be in luck as the highly-anticipated annual Truffle Festival takes place during that time.  As you will see, the Truffle Festival offers a vast selection of activities and events focusing on the local truffles.  We strive to ensure that our truffle hunts are held in small groups (up to 6 people total) with your expert guide.  In particularly busy times of the year this may not always be possible.  If you would like a guaranteed private tour please get in touch for a customized quote.  Be sure to dress appropriately for a light hike in the woods, with suitable shoes and pants for walking and truffle-hunting. Boots available onsite for rental, should you prefer.