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We used to think wine was wine, some better, some worse, but basically all pretty much the same, olive oil was olive oil, Italian cooking was pepperoni pizzas and spaghetti. Sounds impossible, but believe us, in that wonderful week you changed our lifestyle! Thank you, and we'll be back, to you and lovely Tuscany! Peter and Jane Alamo


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Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Tour Highlights

Guided tour through a functioning Tuscan olive oil press

Guided extra-virgin olive oil tasting with expert English-speaking guide

Private driver to accompany you to estate for worry-free travel

Ship directly to your home to enjoy with friends and family

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Tour and Tasting in Tuscany Program

Extra-virgin olive oil is not only a staple on the Tuscan culinary table, it's also a source of pride and joy to Tuscans, and to most Italians throughout the country!  The spicy, intense, green extra-virgin olive oil you will taste on this tour barely resembles the extra-virgin olive oil for sale in a grocery store at home. This authentic Tuscan olive oil comes from only specific olive varietals, is harvested early and pressed immediately to preserve the intense aromas and flavors...just a drizzle will have your taste buds singing. 

Your Tuscan olive oil experience will begin when your English-speaking driver picks you up from your accommodations in either Florence or Siena. From here, you will begin your four-hour tour discovering true Tuscan olive oil at the best possible place to learn about olive oil: an authentic olive oil press in a small Tuscan village located halfway between Florence and Siena.  During your guided tour of the press, you will learn how olive oil is extracted from olives, traditional vs. modern techniques of extraction, the importance of factors such as harvest period, weather, and heat during processing etc.  Then you will have a chance to sample the extra-virgin olive oil you have been learning about.  With the help of your on-site expert, you will learn how professionals taste extra-virgin olive oil and how you can judge the quality based on certain positive or negative characteristics present in the oil.

This special olive oil tour near Florence and Siena will help you also learn about tree varietals, different techniques of cultivation, and the differences between oils produced in different regions in Italy and the world.  As a special added bonus for the foodies in the tour, you will also have the opportunity to ship this incredible extra-virgin olive oil back home. 

Following your in-depth olive oil experience, you will continue onwards to a nearby town in the heart of the Chianti area where you can either stop and have an informal bite to eat, or you can incorporate further oil and Chianti wine tastings into your day in one of the local enotecas and wine shops in the town's city center.  Following this special self-guided moment exploring one of Chianti's charming spots, you will be accompanied by your private English-speaking driver back to your accommodations in either Florence or Siena.

What's Included in Your Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Tour and Tasting

Pick up and drop-off with private English-speaking driver in luxury vehicle directly from your accommodations in either Florence or Siena (approx. 4 hours)

Guided tasting of Tuscan olive oils and private tour of an olive oil press with an English-speaking on-site expert (approx. 2 hours).

Guided tasting of several different extra-virgin olive oils and a discussion about olive oil in general.

22% VAT taxes.

Our pampering care!

What's Not Included in Your Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Tour and Tasting

Any additional tastings or visits following your olive oil experience. 

Any goods and services not listed above.


SPECIAL NOTE:  This tour is available year-round, although the actual pressing of olives in Tuscany happens in the fall, usually late October through December.  The olive press may not be in operation at the time of your visit, based on the season.