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Etna Wine Tour Highlights

Friendly English-speaking driver
Luxury transportation
Top wine tasting
Beautiful Sicilian wineries and cantinas
Delicious typical Sicilian meal

Etna Wine Tour Program

This is a spectacular wine tour of the wineries around Mount Etna. Etna is one of the world’s most active volcanoes, being in more or less constant eruption. At currently about 3.330 meters, or about 10,940 feet (the height varies with eruptions), it is about two and a half times the height of Vesuvius and the highest mountain in Italy south of the Alps. The terrain all around it is immensely fertile and supports a thriving agriculture of orchards and vineyards as far as the eye can see. A National Park offers magnificent walks and also, farther up and for the intrepid, rather strenuous treks. Villages all around offer very good eating and drinking. The constantly smoking giant is an awesome sight, especially at night during a major eruption.

Your friendly chauffeur meets you in the morning at your place of stay to take you to two of the region's top rated wineries. That viticulture is nothing new on Etna is evident from the ancient narrow stone terraces that trace contour lines around the mountain. But it is only very recently that the particularly mineral-influenced wines grown on Etna’s slopes have begun a renaissance in their own right, and many of these densely-planted old terraces are being rehabilitated. 500,000 years of volcanic eruptions have created endless soil variation in neighboring plots of land, many of them very extreme. Above all else, the extraordinarily high elevation yields dramatic temperature variations between night and day, making the wines of Etna fine and elegant, devoid of the heat and overripe flavors that can sometimes define southern wines.

Besides visiting and tasting at two outstanding wineries, you will have time to enjoy a terrific lunch in a good traditional restaurant in one of the lovely baroque villages around mount Etna. Depending on where you are staying you may visit also the nearby region of Bronte is a Italy's only immense pistachios growing area. Most of Europe’s pistachios, whether in the form of the little nuts themselves or as flavoring in sweets, baked good and ice cream, come from here. Needless to say, pistachio delicacies abound at every corner.

What's Included in Your Private Etna Wine Tour

Travel by Mercedes or equivalent level car or minibus with an English-speaking driver (approx. 7 hours).
Tour of two Etna wineries with the winery owner or qualified guide.
Guided tasting of wines.
A visit to a small local town and its wine and food shops.
Booking for lunch in a nice, typical Sicilian restaurant (meal not included).
Our pampering care!
Price per person (including taxes and fees), based on a booking of:
1 pax Eur 500 - 2 pax Eur 255 - 3 pax Eur 185 - 4 pax Eur 165 - 5 pax Eur 155 - 6 pax Eur 135 - 7 pax Eur 125 - 8 pax Eur 125 - 9 pax Eur 125 - 10 pax Eur 115 - 11 pax Eur 115 - 12 pax Eur 115 - 13 pax Eur 105 - 14 pax Eur 95 -
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