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We create unique corporate events and travel experiences in Italy that inspire, motivate, forge bonds, enhance customer relations and strengthen your team. Experiences that nurture your company from the roots up.

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Bespoke travel experiences in Italy for those who expect only the best and don’t have time to waste! We offer all things that make customization successful. Creativity, Know How, Time Management, Access and Trust.

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Browse our site for day tours, short breaks or week-long luxury vacations in Italy. Select your culinary art week, cultural adventure or private tour in Tuscany and join the scores of other satisfied wine, food and art lovers. 


There are three aspects of customised travel: Time, expertise and creativity, not all can put the three together. We have over two decades of experience in creating bespoke travel experiences in Italy for people who truly understand time, value it and don’t waste it. Precision and clockwork efficiency is critical to success both on and off the job. Nothing should be left to chance. There’s too much at risk: missed opportunity, stress, lost time, additional costs. The whole idea of the vacation is to escape all of this, feel special and leave the responsibility in the hands of a trusted partner. Us. Our travel advisors and planners have a wealth of experience with a special focus on food & wine. Le Baccanti enjoys and impeccable reputation as one of Italy’s leading luxury travel companies. To create the quality experiences we are known for takes a lot of time. Time to listen and understand, time to select the best travel experiences, time to put all the tiny pieces together seamlessly, time caring for you during travel, time to follow up once you’re home.  Your time is our time, we’ll plan it wisely.


It takes a lot of work to create a great team. Even more to keep it running smoothly and efficiently. Kudos to you, you’ve done it! That is why you understand the importance of motivation and bond to enhance performance, testing new problem solving solutions and assess team synergy. Planning corporate trips and events is as much our food and wine as planning customized tours and events for worldwide celebrities, dignitaries and heads of state.  Our dedicated Corporate Events Management Team has planned hundreds of trips and many more team-building events for premier internationally renowned companies. The success of our programming lies in our format basing all events around food and wine activities. We believe that the shared experience of breaking bread and enjoying wine together creates an environment conducive to creativity, the exchange of ideas, expressiveness and productivity. 
All of our activities are aimed at making sure that you achieve your objectives and goals.

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Browse our site for day tours, short breaks or week-long luxury vacations in Italy.
Select your culinary art week, cultural adventure or private tour in Tuscany and join the scores of other satisfied wine, food and art lovers.


What starts with trust will end in a promise fulfilled….With nearly two decades of work and wisdom under our belt and the most up to date technologies to support our staff, we know how to advise, plan and create the right fit for any travel experience imagined in Italy. Every vacation or event created by the Le Baccanti's travel planners is fresh, alive and pulsing with personality. Each a reflection of our customers’ uniqueness, preference and style. We open the doors that to others are closed. Our team of travel experts have been entrusted to create the unforgettable Italian experience for some very important people including celebrities, dignitaries and heads of state. From the sandy beaches of Puglia to the cliffs of Cinque Terre to the verdant Tuscan hilltop towns to the canals of Venice, our clients know that they are our priority. Our partner alliances in Italy and abroad are a reflection of our values and priorities.


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