1997 Brunello di Montalcino?

As wine is becoming more and more prestigious, a bottle of wine can be a perfect gift for both wine lovers and passionate collectors. But which wine should you put under the Christmas tree?There can be different ways of choosing the best wine to make a gift.You can take into account the best vintage. For example, if you choose a wine from Tuscany, the best vintages are '85, '88, '90 (it's a great one!), '95 or '97 (which "Wine Spectator" declared as the vintage of the Century).Of course, it's easier knowing beforehand if you want a white or a red wine, but don't forget that some ros can be excellent. Another consideration is to decide which grapes will be most appreciated. It is hard to go wrong if opting for a Chardonnay or a Cabernet from California, however, you might wish to try some more unusual grapes. It is possible to find a great Syrah from Australia, a special Pinot Noir from France or a blend of Cabernet and Sangiovese from Tuscany, (a "Supertuscan" wine) and these are just a few examples.Another option is to choose a sparkling wine, as uncorking a bottle of Champagne is always a beautiful way of starting the New Year. You can choose one of the great Champagnes from France or a great Spumante from Italy (such as a Ferrari or a Berlucchi) and, last but not least, a Cava from Spain, which nowadays have reached a very high standard.
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