4 Gourmet Food and Wine Tours in Puglia

Le Baccanti offers gourmet private tours in all of Italy but up until recently, we hadn't yet touched the colorful and delicious heel of Italy- Puglia. Puglia is famous for burrata cheese, Negroamaro wine, taralli crackers, friselle, savory fruity olive oil and so much more. If you are interested in visiting Puglia and would like to experience the region's stupendous food and wine culture, we have 4 tours you ought to take:1. Alberobello Trulli and White Wine Tour from BrindisiAlberobello is a charming countryside village created almost exclusively from the typical stone houses of the area called trulli. Legends abound regarding the history and reasons behind the creation of these typical houses with stone roofs in conical shapes without mortar. One of the favorite stories is that houses could be quickly dismantled when the tax man came around to collect property tax. After time to walk the streets and view trulli from the inside, it is time to head through the Itria Valley to Locorotondo to taste the wonderful local white wine along with a traditional, Pugliese meal at a great local restaurant. In the afternoon, we can either take you to a wonderful winery outside of Locorotondo for a tour and tasting or you can visit the bustling town of Martina Franca, another whitewashed jewel. Wander the streets and shop in the upscale stores with beautiful glass, ceramic and gold jewelry.2. Lecce Market and Gourmet Food WalkA gourmet food and market walk in Lecce is a great opportunity to discover the history of the town through its culinary heritage visiting local gourmet food shops and bustling and colorful food markets. Food stops include shops specializing in: gelato, traditional cakes, cheeses, extra virgin olive oil, wine, salami and salt cured meants, liquor as well as preserves! This type of food tour is the ideal choice for all Italian food enthusiasts and wine lovers and for those who want to discover Lecces old town history and culinary heritage from a new point of view, admiring the unique baroque monuments and churches while touring the food markets and tasting the local delights with us. As a local food and wine expert, your tour guide will be happy to also give you priceless tips about where to go and dine, including how to void common tourist traps, while you are in Lecce and the rest of Puglia.3. Lecce Wine Walk On a wine tour of the city, a wine expert will guide you through the best wines, while visiting old palazzos and baroque monuments. Learn about the famous local rose wine, discover the first winery to bottle it and how during world World War II it was shipped to the U.S! Taking a city wine tour in Lecce will expose you to the ins and outs of Apulian wine history, its growing appeal in the world. Your guide will recommend the most outstanding red wines, based on your personal preferences, and you can have them perfectly paired with local cheeses and salami. The benefits to taking a private wine walking tour in Lecce is to have personal access to answers for all your questions as you explore with your tour guide this charming town, rich in art and history.4. Salento Wine Tour from Lecce with ExpertOn a wine tour, expect to be picked up with a luxury car and driver and a fantastic wine guide tohead out into the beautiful countryside, filled with vines and ancient olive trees. Discover ancient wineries, DOCG wine varieties, the landscape and local culture with a wine tour in the Salento, Puglia! Wine tours in Puglia will combine old traditional wine makers in historical estates and modern, cult wineries that make international wine news. And since you don't have to drive, there is no need to worry about enjoying the wine- just sit back and relax for a day of wine heaven.
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