7 romantic ideas when in Florence

Florence has got to be one of the most romantic Italian cities to be in for a vacation- whether your single or betrothed. You don't have to have a date in order to revel in this lovey dovey energy of Florence. No way! A trip here is a perfect excuse to eat chocolate, wear your best dress and drink fancy things like prosecco at 2pm- no matter what your relationship status is on Facebook.However, if you are coming to Florence for a honeymoon or for a romantic getaway, here are a handful of activities to do to ensure a love-filled vacation:1. Take a walk on Ponte Vecchio. On your way there, get a cappuccino and a chocolate croissant. Many people used to come to Ponte Vecchio and affix a padlock with the couples names or initials etched on. This custom is supposed to symbolized eternal love, locked away forever. However, recently over 5,000 padlocks were removed by city order citing that the locks were causing an aesthetic disturbance to the bridge and scratching the railing. Go and see if any have been locked back on...If you are interested in doing a walking tour, consider our half-day Best of Florence walking tour which takes you to the main sights of Florence including the Ponte Vecchio with an expert tourist guide.2. Visit the Chiesa di Dante! If you don't know, Dante Alighieri (the Florentine father of the Italian language) is said to have met his beloved Beatrice here for the first time. Historical accounts suggest that these two only met twice and for Dante, meeting Beatrice at age 9 was love at 1st sight.Beatrice was the divine inspiration for the major works of Dante, but he was never allowed to make her his conquest due to her untimely death at 24. Dante had his marriage arranged but never ceased loving her. This is quite possibly one of the greatest stories of unrequited love. And one that quite possibly inspired the birth of romantic Italian language that we speak today. You can visit this church on the tiny Via Santa Margherita just off of Corso.
3. Treat yourself to some chocolate with a chocolate tour which includes a visit to L'Arte del Cioccolato! Chocolate tour in Florence? Enough said.4. Take a trip to Fiesole and have a kiss, a drink, a photo or a deep thought at the top of the hill which over looks all of Florence! You can get there with one of our private chauffeurs in a luxury vehicle so you can travel to this beautiful gem in style and comfort.5. Enjoy lunch at Le volpe e l'uva with a glass of wine and a spread of artisan meats and cheeses. We also do a city wine tour which involves a visit here.6. Tour the Uffizi and the Accademia museums! I know, museums don't usually sound romantic, but Florence is a renaissance gem that holds intact some of the most beautiful masterpieces that really will romance your senses. Want fascinating art history and a guide to walk you through the most important collections? We have a tour just for you: Florence Uffizi and Accademia half-day Tour.7. Take a private cooking class in Italy and continue the culinary magic even after your trip to Italy! You know the saying...get to your mate's heart through their stomach;) We offer an all-day cooking class with our very Italian "Nonna" Anna which includes a tour of a local farmer's market!
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