A quick stop at Lis Neris

As promised, here I am with the IV part of Friuli Venezia Giulia wines.By Filippo BartolottaPart I: http://luxwinetrip.wordpress.com/2009/05/27/friulis-rocky-mineral-wines/Part II:http://luxwinetrip.wordpress.com/2009/06/03/radikon-wines-gravner-and-la-subida/Part III: http://luxwinetrip.wordpress.com/2009/06/05/la-castellada/This time we will be going to for a short visit to Lis Neris and then a quick bite atLa Taverna of Livio Felluga.Mr Alvaro Pecorari is the owner of Lis Neris, one of the oldest and most established wineries in Friuli.He seems to be a very straightforward and pragmatic person who very kindly takes me to see his vineyards.Lis Neris is an estate of a total of 48 hectares planted in calcareous-gravelplateauxformed recently in the same period of Bordeaux (40.000 years ago). The area is between the border of Slovenia on the northern side and the Isonzo river on the southern bit.The vineyards look beautiful with a very tidy guyot. Alvaro's father is working them with his tractor while we talk about pruning.The wine making technique is very modern with a state of the art winery, super cutting edge presses and a barrique room where some of the crus go for a 10 moths of batonage.We tasted the following four wines:Lis Neris Pinot Grigio '08A very fresh basil and pepper mint nose with a creamier palate then expected and a pretty alcoholic touch."Gris" '07This is a pure Grigio which went for 10 months of barrique aging. It's a creamier and spicier wine then the previous with a rounder and more buttery character. Very well made wine with ripe peaches and dry herbs complexity and some lemon zest on the finish.Lis '06Lis is possibly the most important cuve Lis Neris: Grigio, Chardonnay, Sauv. Blanc.It has a very distinguishingcypress/incense nose with a melon and vanilla spice. It's very lingering very rich and creamy also with a stoney/lime finish.Confini '07This is Gewurtz dominated wine with also some P. Grigio and Riesling. It has an Alsatian character with a super rich ripe and spicy nose. Very dense, almost sticky but with a refreshing tropical palate whichgivethe wine thumbs up for a great Asian food dinner.With some dry apricots andjasminelingering in my palate I hit the road for a quick bit at La Taverna of Livio Felluga.This is a very cosy place with very warm wooden tables and a pretty good wine list available at the wine bar at the counter. They serve some traditional food with a contemporary twist. Service is very fast and friendly.After this quick bite here, I am already thinking about theafternoonvisit at Le Due Terre...
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