This unique and much sought after wine has the Corvina, Rondinella and Corvinone varieties as its foundation grapes . Whilst there exist winemakers that continue to utilize the molinara variety and others still that have reintroduced the Oseleta grape; this wine remains characterized due to its famous drying process.The traditional process (which occurs on special racks) not only dries the grapes concentrating the sugars but also generates an interesting natural chemical process that causes the almost complete transformation of malic acid into lactic acid. The result is a complex and engaging wine. The name Amarone - (literally the opposite of sweet) is derived from the complete transformation of the sugar into alcohol during the fermentation process of the so called "father" Recioto.In the past the old Italians would exclaim at the completion of this process, that the Recioto euroscapeuro (from the verb scappato) which translates to escaped or - Amarone.The alcohol content is generally above the 15% mark and if the wine is well constructed, this can hardly be tasted. Recently added to the DOCG label, one can find the in the Classico sub-zone - the municipalities of Fumane, Marano, Negrar, Sant. Ambrogio and St. Peter in Cariano -or Valpantena dall Omonima Valley.It is important to emphasize that the drying procedures must follow the traditional approach and therefore winemakers are not permitted to use dehumidification processors with an artificial heat source. In addition, the grapes must not be fermented before December 1, unless otherwise decided by the authorities. Amarone ages for at least two years from the 1st of January following the harvest, and for the Riserva at least four years from November the 1st on the year of harvest. Over the last twenty years there has has been a production increase from only a little more than one million bottles to over fifteen million bottles today, and the obvious result of an increased quality and an exciting diversity of styles.Filippo BartolottaOriginal article in Italian
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