Antinori Wine Touring in Tuscany

The new Antinori winery set in the rolling hills of Chianti Classico that has been 7 years in the making is finally opening its doors to the wine drinking public tomorrow, March 20th!Be one of the first to experience the fantastic Antinori wines, visit the Antinori museum complete with hundreds of years of winemaking and family history with roots that run deep in the Tuscan countryside. The new winery is an architectural jewel, with natural products used in its construction and green technology that keep impact and energy usage to a very minimum without sacrificing style.Be one of the first to visit the underground cellars and taste the top rated Antinori wines and dine in the newly opened restaurant. Why not join us for a Antinori Wine Tour while you are in Florence or Siena, both are just over 30 minutes away.
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