Bindella WineryThe Bindella family has been in the wine trade in Switzerland for over 100 years. 25 years ago they purchased a small farm outside of Montepulciano (Tuscany) called Vallocaia, with only 2.5 hectors of vineyard. Over the last few decades the Bindella family has managed to purchase a total of 93 hectares of surrounding land, one third of which is dedicated to growing grapes. They grow: Sangiovese, Prugnolo Gentile, Canaiolo nero, Colorino, Mammolo, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Syrah, as well as white varieties such as Malvasia, Trebbiano, and Sauvignon Blanc.Bindella produces 120,000 bottles of wine per year as well as extra virgin olive oil and most recently wheat destined for their 33 restaurants in Switzerland. The Bindella family sets incredibly high standards for itself, using low-yield farming techniques, organic fertilizers and leaving green space around all vineyards such as olive groves, wild hedges and woods to keep a balance with nature. They also are careful to respect nature in the cellar, using naturally occurring heat, cold and gravity to let their wines develop naturally.Their motto is euroterra vite vita,euro land, vines, life. Bindella produces red wines: Vino Nobile di Montepulciano DOCG, Vino Rosso di Montepulciano DOC and one white wine: Toscana IGT as well as Vin Santo and Grappa.Web Site: www.bindella.itWhere to find Bindella in the USASELECTED ESTATES OF EUROPE620 Concord Ave Mamaroneck NYT. 914 E-mail: rlegnaro@palmbay.comMobile: 917-8265468
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This company beneficiated by the financial support of the Tuscany Region for the development of internationalization initiatives
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