BOSTON IN RIALTO WITH JODY ADAMSby Filippo BartolottaBack in NYC is again time to enjoy Daphne and Milo. Central Park is our mission with football and everything.As we set sail for the park I wonder if together with the football I should bring something for Daphne.After a few minutes it is clear that Milo would be having troubles grabbing the ball off her!!!But as the game goes ahead Milo makes it for a nice through which Daphne catches immediately.Awesome afternoon, very much needed to recharge batteries before one of the last Italy at Your Table event in Boston at Rialto with Jody Adams and Benedetta Vitali.I am very thrilled about it all and this time after a lot of plains and trains I decided to hop on a cab to go for another full American experience getting on a GreyHound trip from New York to BostonWe arrived at Rialto in Cambridge in the early afternoon just about right to have enough time for a shower and the wine check up for the evening.I make sure all of our wines are at the right temperature, jodi and I talk a little about how the evening should go is show time.Like in all of the US restaurants with touched we always opened with Ferrari Lunelli Perl. This is one of Italy's most acclaimed Blanc du Blanc (100%Chardonnay) built with elegance and craft to deliver a lot of complexity and a lingering pleasant mousse.Then before going for dinner guests were offered a tasting session of Boscarelli Vino Nobile di Montepulciano Riserva 2003, Punset Barbaresco Campo Quadro 2001, Montevetrano 2005,The menu featuring Benedetta Vitali as a guest chef started with Seppie Inzimino (squid with spinach and tomatoes) with Propriet Sperino Uvaggio 2006 and Barolo Bricco Pernice Elvio Cogno 2005.Then Lamb with herbs, cardoon and roasted potatoes to go with Silvio Nardi Brunello di Montalcino 2004 and Tenute San Leonardo 2004. Closure with a great Panna Cotta which paired perfectly the Aleatico dell'Elba Tenuta delle Ripalte.Another evening went by an another outstanding Benedetta Vitali performance took place. and another group of forty lucky ones learned, shared and enjoyed Fine Italian Wines and great Italian Cuisine with Italy at Your Table.
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