Montefalco is the symbolic and geographical hart of the Umbrian Valley. The city is surrounded by its original Medieval walls that date back to the XIII century still today. Viticulture thrived within and outside these walls for many centuries as shown in Benozzo Gozzoli's frescoes in the church of San Francesco however Plinio il Vecchio writes about the area's quality wines already in Roman times. Whether the Sagrantino grape is indigenous to the area or not is up for debate. Some say it was brought to Umbria by the Greeks, while others say it was brought by the Franciscan friars. Another theory has St. Francis of Assisi bringing it from the Middle East to be used as a sacramental wine. Whatever the origins the Sagrantino grape today is unique to the Umbrian region. Its richness in tannins yet also sweet dark fruit results in full bodied and intense wines with a very special and distinct character.Besides producing fine wines the region is famous for it's wonderful landscapes, historical buildings and hilltop towns.
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