Caterina de' Medici Anitra all'Arancio

Caterina de' Medici was born in Florence in 1519 and was the last of the principal Medici family. When she was just 14 years old she married Prince Enrico d'Orleans and she moved to France, bringing with her all her cooking staff who were already helping Caterina to create wonderful dishes in Tuscany.euroeuroWhat is so fascinating about Caterina de' Medici is that her power in France grew to such a level that she was held in greater esteem than even her husband when she became Queen.euroAs a wonderful chef, she took traditional Tuscan recipes to what was considered the home of fine cuisine, all of which were greatly received.euroFor example, the recipe for Bchamel sauce that is thought by many to be of French origin, was actually introduced to France by Caterina, it's original name being "Salsa Colla".euroThere are many other Tuscan dishes which have slightly changed their Italian names to French ones.euroA famous renaissance recipe still linked to Caterina's name is "Anitra all'Arancio"."Duck cooked with Orange"euroeuroClean a young duck and seperate the liver. Fill the duck with rosemary, sage and laurel leaves, and then tie the duck's body to preserve it's shape while it is cooking. Season with salt and pepper and a splash of cognac.euroeuroIn a large saucepan add a knob of butter, sliced bacon, chopped onion and fry slowly. Add the liver to the saucepan and grind while it is cooking.Then add the duck to the saucepan and leave it cooking until the sauce is absorbed, add some fresh orange juice and leave it cooking for 20 minutes. Then add two cups of stock . The duck has to cook on a medium heat for about two hours. When the meat has become soft, sieve the sauce (aromatic leaves, etc.) and re-fill the duck. Add two oranges, cut into slices, and leave them cooking with the duck for five minutes, just enough time for it to acquire the flavour.euroeuroPut the duck on a tray and cover it with orange slices. Finally, dress it with the remaining sauce.
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