According to the New York Times, the Lafco boutique in New York is selling chocolates by the Santa Maria Novella pharmacy, the 600 year old historic profumerie in Florence. This new product line represents the meeting of two quintessential Tuscan elements. In addition to its well-tread famous museums and Renaissance art, Florence is full of centuries-old specialty stores like Santa Maria Novella, as well as historic craftsmenseuro workshops that are still practicing techniques passed down in families for generations.There is also a whole world of fine chocolate making in Tuscany, well-worth an excursion out of Florence. In the last decade, artisanal chocolatiers have transformed north eastern Tuscany into a eurochocolate valleyeuro, a world center for high quality chocolates. There are many of these hidden gems in Tuscany that tourists often miss. Le Baccanti invites you to discover these off-the-beaten track places that offer a myriad of treats for the senses.
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