Choosing a Travel planning agency in Italy

Planning a trip to Italy? How exhausting! Why not have a travel planning agency take care of your vacation in Italy? Travel planning agencies should be even more popular in the face of user-content generated websites like tripadvisor. Why? Well, tripadvisor is a fantastic resource for cross-reference purposes and for learning about what sort of attractions a certain destination has to offer but the user-content is based on their personal experience, and could vary from what you would enjoy and prefer. With a travel planning agency, you get personalized attention based on your interests and personal requests.5 reasons why should you choose a tour agency when planning travel to Italy:1. Personalized care. You're vacation will be packaged and tailored just for you and no one else. This will guarantee that you get what you expect. If you are not 100% for some (odd) reason with your vacation package, the agency will make it up to you. A self-made package is more risky as far as customer satisfaction and service.2. Break the language barriers! With a travel planning agency in Italy they can provide language/interpreting assistance. Not only that, when your agent speaks both languages, they are able to find the activities off the beaten path that only locals know and can arrange using local language skills.3. Commuting advice. Your travel agent should be able to provide additional assistance on how to get around with local transit or driving maps when google-maps fail. Bear in mind, a wine tour for example involves driving on windy roads that are unmarked or unknown by google and your GPS could loose service. With booking a wine tour with a travel planning agency in Italy, not only can you hire a driver to take the worry out of driving but also they can help you on the ground if you get lost getting to place to place.4. Protection and Security. Travel planning agencies are covered by insurances and are liable for any unexpected bump during your travels in Italy. Rest assured, when you travel with a licensed tour operator and a licensed travel planner, you don't have to worry about purchasing certain travel insurances and someone will be there to catch you if you happen to fall.5. Insider Info. Extra recommendations! People who work in the travel industry are natural helpers and they know all the secret shops, restaurants, bars, gelato shops, secret piazzas, cities, beaches, you name it! With a travel agency in Italy, the staff will give you invaluable information never published in any guidebook, blog or tripadvisor page.What to look for when choosing a travel planning agency in Italy 1. History on the market. How long has the agency been in the business? Everyone needs a starting out- after all we were once a wee-young brand-new start-up at one point. Check on the agency's reputation- no matter how long. See what people are saying about them. Take everything with a grain of salt. This is where tripadvisor could be a useful travel tool.2. Feedback. If they are new, request feedback from past clients! If not new, do some digging and read what people are saying about your travel agency pick on their social media plugs. (facebook, tripadvisor, yelp, google+, etc)3. Location. they should ideally be located in the same time zone in where you are traveling to in case you have time-sensitive questions when you have arrived. How easy is it to call your agent at 9am in Italy and it not be 2am for your agent back in New York?4. Variety. Your travel planning agency should have a variety in the tours and activities they plan and offer. It's kind of like a large supermarket (but without the sterile lighting) the more you have to choose from, the less time you have to spend making additional stops and more time (and usually money saved) to enjoy.5. Planning. Your travel planner should exhibit good planningalmost immediately.Their responses should be very thorough and not have you do any work (research, cross-referencing, etc) aside from providing them with your personal wishes for a dreamy Italian vacation. Your package should be very clearly mapped out with exact meeting times, emergency numbers, locations, activity description, etc. You should feel like you can do your tour package with a blindfold on with the right travel planner.Interested in travel planning services with a bonafide Tour Operator with over 10 years of experience? Contact us for more options and activities for your dream vacation package to Italy.
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