Choosing your 5-star hotel in Tuscany

Coming to Tuscany? Ah...the Italian region of luxury: food, wine, shopping, fashion, spas, thermal baths, nature, farmhouses, horseback riding, castles- the list can go on and continue for ages. If you choose to travel in comfort and to be pampered in pure bliss- a 5 star hotel is probably on your plan for your stay in Tuscany. Choosing a hotel, at any star, can be stressful. With sites like tripadvisor, viator, expedia telling you their user's top picks- how do you know their criteria for the best 5-star hotel in Tuscany is also your criteria? These sites are great for cross-references for when you have found a hotel that seems like the right hotel for your tastes and budget. But we do not recommend on depending on websites that purely have user generated content. Of course, you should rely on your travel agent or the staff with Le Baccanti to help you choose the perfect 5-star hotel by providing your personal preferences and travel wishes. When going about your hotel research you should bear some basics in mind.* Location- Where do you want to stay? Not just the city location, but what kind of atmosphere do you crave. I.e.: City? Villa in the countryside? A castle? Rustic cottage style? Small village? Tuscany is a diverse region, start off with trying to imagine your favorite location. As with most 5-star hotels, they will provide shuttle service to most popular destinations like Florence if you would like to stay in a 5-star hotel in the Chianti region to enjoy a stay in the tranquil countryside with beautiful views from your suite.* Rooms- What kind of experience do you want? Most hotels offer a selection but you should understand the different room options available for your budget and experience desire. Junior suites and one-bedroom suites are the highest end choices usually with views while standard double and single rooms are generally the most basic options. If you are wanting something more extravagant, make sure your travel agent knows right off the bat.* Food and Beverage- Pull out all the stops and choose a 5-star hotel that serves food and drinks to write home about. Some of the best food and wine (and even cocktails) comes from the kitchens and bars at 5-star accommodations. Do some research or just ask us, so you eat and drink only the finest from the hotel with the most exclusive and renowned food and beverage program.* Wow factor- This is essential to choosing your 5-star hotel un Tuscany. You should wow at even the hotel's website because it should knock you off your feet when you arrive. Make sure you are wow'ed by the images and previews you come across during your 5-star hotel research.* Services- Chances are that you are not only interested in staying in your hotel room all day. Do some research and see what services they offer and how highly rated they are. An example of some services of interest to do during your stay in Tuscany can include: spa treatments, swimming pool, sauna spas, cocktail dinners, dry cleaning, internet and basic services that you would need just as if you were at home.* Track record- Is your hotel of choice reputable? They should be. If they are new, that's okay. They should hopefully have done some PR to create some credibility and experience to draw upon. Make sure your hotel has a proven track record for service, hospitality, location and comfort.* Attention to detail- A quality hotel will have thought of every detail so that you are wowed and amazed by every moment of your stay. Pay attention to everything such as how theinteriors have been arranged. You want to walk in and be amazed by every detail down to the lounge area linens and wall decor. This shows an establishment with a placed importance on detail, thoroughness and the desire to please every sensibility. Their attention to detail should also be evident in how they respond to each individual client. Finding a 5-star hotel with a high emphasis on detail will ensure a smooth stay in Tuscany.Need suggestions about which hotel to stay at? Contact us! We are here and happy to assist you on every step of the way towards planning your 5-star experience in Tuscany. Since we specialize in food and wine events as well as tours, we have relationships with the best 5-star villas and estates in the region. Let us take the worry out of the research, we can plan your entire vacation package in Tuscany to include events, services, tours and hotel accommodation.
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