City market Strolls, Florence and Rome

Central to the Italian way of life, food markets are located in the heart of the city. Most have been there for centuries and are surrounded by historic buildings. The indoor central food market in Florence rises in the shadow of the church of San Lorenzo, and fantastic food markets in Rome are walking distance from the city centre.A market walk traces the steps of Italians of all social classes in their daily quest for quality and economy. The lively experience of the market place is really the best way to join Italians in their favorite playground. The expertise of armies of gastronomes in the guise of housewives and pensioners, who sample, discuss and discard, exchange recipes and extol the virtues of one variety of peach over another to marinade in red wine, is simply amazing. These are joined at lunch-time by workers and artisans from nearby quarters, who sit at communal tables, in one of the small restaurants within or around the market. A market walk in Florence might include the experience of sampling the dishes of Florentine popular cuisine at Nerboneeuros kitchen.The Florence food market links the city to its eurocontadoeuro, its surrounding lands, as it always has. You can find just about everything, from fresh fruit and vegetables laid out on euroortolanieuro stalls that look more like lush gardens, to vast varieties of olive oils, balsamic vinegars, dried and fresh porcini mushrooms, preserved truffles, organic honey, saffron, fresh pasta, the best of Tuscan produce, and nowadays all things exotic that have fused their way into Italian cuisine. Barabinoeuros fish stall is famous not only for the variety of his fish that simply cannot be found on supermarket counters but for the vendoreuros quick wit and inexhaustible knowledge of fish recipes, given as part of the parcel.Rome food market stalls compete not only on price and quality, but also presentation and preparation. Vendors carve flowers out of artichokes with a twist that non roman will ever master, and slice chicory tips, curling them like ribbons for the famous puntarelle, to be dressed with garlic and anchovies. Iteuros a challenge to identify on the meat stalls the much-in-demand cuts of the animalseuro so called eurofifth-quartereuro (entrails in general, delicacies of Romeeuros popular cuisine). Each region offers its specialty to the capital: cured meats from Norcia, cheeses from Sardegna, citrous fruit from Sicily. And of course Romeeuros famous garden green belt provides a Mediterranean feast of seasonal vegetables. A market walk in Romeeuros Campo deeuro Fiori market, situated in the central but often bypassed Jewish quarter, includes exploring its alleys and small piazzas with shops offering delights of Europeeuros oldest Jewish community.
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