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Why should you have Le Baccanti create a custom vacation to Italy just for you? No matter if you are traveling as a couple or with a group of 20, the best way to experience Italy is by having Le Baccanti create a custom itinerary to fit your needs and desires. Our small but very efficient professional staff of Italian travel experts will develop an itinerary based on your specific needs and wants. We wont be satisfied until we have created the perfect dream vacation in Italy for you!Top Eight Reasons to have Le Baccanti create a custom Italian Itinerary for you:One-on-one service to ensure we create the perfect custom itinerary one of our travel experts will take you from beginning to end.The custom Italian vacation we create for you is totally private and just for you, there are no forced group activities or join ins.You set the level of hotel and services based on your own budget for your custom Italian itinerary.You can visit any city you want: Venice, Palermo, Rome, Siena, Chianti, Genova, Piedmont and the list is endless we can book you something great in any city or region of Italy.We know the luxury market and use only the top drivers, vehicles, hotels, restaurants, and guides for our services during your custom trip to Italy.You can review the entire itinerary and make changes up until the time of booking no surprises during your custom trip!You create your own theme for your Italian vacation: romantic, gourmet food and wine, history and culture, countryside, cities, beach, spa and relaxation, you can do one or all during your custom vacation.You choose the dates and length of stay. There are no pre-set dates or lengths any time of the year we can create a custom package to Italy that will fit you perfectly!
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