Easter in Italy

Easter in ItalyWhat Italians eat, see and do during Easter in Italy.Planning a trip to Italy in April? This year Easter (or Pasqua) will be the 20th of April and whether you are traveling to Italy the week before, the week of Easter or the week after, there will be plenty of Italian Easter activities to witness and partake in during your vacation in Italy.Typical foods that Italians eat during EasterColombo Pasquale- a delicious soft, sweet bread baked with raisins, candied fruit peel, almonds and topped with sugar crystals. This bread is a perfect pair with a morning cappuccino. Many Italian bakeries, if not all of them, will be brimming with this dessert nearly the whole month of April so if can't make it for Pasqua in April you still have a chance to taste colombo. Pastiera Napoletana- This is a sort of rustic pie with a woven lattice top-crust filled with ricotta and candied fruit peel. This cake is eaten for breakfast by Italians during the period of Easter and is typical to the region where Naples is located. It has candied fruit to represent the "fruits of the earth" and of course, Easter.Pizza al Formaggio- Another typical food Italians eat during Easter is a soft savory break made with cheese and it is eaten with a special variety of salami and boiled egg. The egg represents renewal and the rebirth of Christ. It's a delicious savory treat that can be enjoyed for breakfast when the cakes and sweet bread wear out your sweet tooth.What to see during Easter in ItalyMost Italian regions organize processions during the Holy week of Easter and these events are characterized by marches, parades, friars dressed up in ancient costumes walking through the streets, sorts of parades and special mass events. The best regions to experience an Easter procession in Italy are Sicily (Trapani), Lazio (Rome), Tuscany (Florence) and Umbria (Montefalco). If you find yourself in any of these regions during April, we can most certainly help you plan your vacation along with cultural and gourmet tours.The Vatican is also a must-see during Easter in Italy, as long as you will be lucky enough to snag a hotel in Rome as this is one of the busiest seasons for the eternal city. Pope Francis is becoming a very popular and beloved figure and is worth trying to get a glimpse of during the Easter festivities in Rome this year. You can contact us for more information on Easter events and tours at the Vatican and around Rome.What to do during Easter in ItalyOur top tips is to make sure you have an Easter breakfast Italian-style with either colombo or the cheese pizza bread, witness a procession, take a tour of the Vatican and try to get a spot to Good Friday's mass with Pope Francis at St. Peter's Basilica.
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