Experience Aperitivo in Italy

The word aperitivo is the Italian word of the french word aperitif which is basically a pre-dinner drink. Aperitivo drinks are made with bitter flavored liqueurs and spirits and are designed to stimulate appetite. These drinks usually involve campari, vermouth, martini rosso, aperol, soda and/or prosecco. In Florence Italy, one of the most popular aperitivo drinks is the Negroni and according to Bon Appetit: there is no wrong way to screw up a negroni. There are many variations on this Florentine aperitivospecialty, such as the Negroni Sbagliato (mistaken negroni) which is topped with prosecco instead of gin. In Italy, aperitivo is the happiest hour you will ever meet. It originally was put on the food and drink tradition map in northern cities like Turin and Milan and typically included a modest amount of salty snacks like potato chips and olives. By now, the activity has spread throughout the country and the food offerings have spawned to buffet-like proportions and variety.Italians are not known for drinking to the point of intoxication, they are cultured drinking folk and food should accompany drink. It's no wonder that food was naturally calculated into the aperitivo tradition. Almost every bar has some sort of food buffet to compliment an aperitivo, lower end bars will supply at least crunchy bar snacks and more higher end establishments including hotels like The Westin or The Four Seasons will have food from the top of the Italian food chain like charcuterie platters, roast meats, artisan pastas, frittate, farro salads, delicate gourmet crostini toasts and some even include a sweet dessert. This is just to name a few. Some aperitivo bars really go all out and by the end, you may not find that you have appetite enough for dinner! One of the best ways to experience culture, and especially Italian culture, is to partake in an aperitivo while you are in Italy. You will not only be able to taste Italian cocktails and delicious snacks, but you will get a glimpse and really experience the Italian lifestyle in a very authentic fashion. Not into cocktails? Beer and wine is also an option during aperitivo hour in Italy.Curious? Discover the art of the Italian aperitivo with our Aperitivo Food and Drink Tour in Florence! On this food tour in Florence, you will be able to experience some of the finest bars and cafs Florence has to offer with our foodie insider. Buon appetito!Le Baccanti Tours is a luxury travel company located in Tuscany, Italy. We have been specializing in gourmet food, wine and cultural tours of Italy for over 10 years. We pride ourselves on showing our discerning group of clients the authentic and beautiful Italy of their dreams. For more info, visit our website or contact us.
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