EXPERIENCE ITALY AT YOUR TABLEA trip to Italy featuring sustainable food and wineBenedetta Vitali and Filippo Bartolotta, Italianmasters in cooking and wine respectively, arecoming to America and bringing with them theItalian culture of fresh local ingredients, traditionalfoods, seasonal eating and pairing of healthy foodwith good wine. They will be hosting eventsthroughout the month of February to highlight Italyas THE place to go to experience enogastronomictravel and to learn about healthful sustainableeating. You will spend the evening immersed inItalian food and wine culture with a slideshow,Italian music and tons of tips for planning yournext trip to Italy. The knowledgeable andentertaining duo will serve up fresh, authenticTuscan cooking classes accompanied by hand-selected fine Italian wines, and take you on ajourney to Italy without ever leaving the premises.Each event will be tailor-made and will includeeither a cooking demonstration or hands-oncooking class. The cooking portion will highlightsimple, delicious dishes using local, freshingredients. The wine portion will include winetasting games and activities as well as moretraditional wine tasting know-how and informationabout organic and biodynamic wines in Italy.The festive atmosphere will be complete as yourhosts take you on a virtual vacation to Italy, andhelp you to start planning a visit to the undisputedking of food and wine culture. What better way toget inspired for your next vacation than to hearabout a spectacular biodynamic vineyard in theChianti or a restaurant in Sicily that serves up thefreshest catch of the day.Make a Reservation! Let us know if you are ready to discover authenticItaly by creating fresh tagliatelle pasta with rag,swirling your glass of Vernaccia di SanGimigniano, and taking a guess at the definition ofthe word euroumami.euro Events will be offered duringthe month of February on the East and WestCoast. They will be booked on a first come, firstserve basis so please contact euro.. for moreinformation today.Filippo Bartolotta is awine journalist, writingfor major European andAmerican winepublications such asDecanter Magazine andserving as the editor forthe bestsellingLeuroEspresso Italian Wine Guide (English version).He also teaches about wine at the prestigiousUniversity of Siena and hosts countless wineevents each year in Italy and abroad. Hisunique, entertaining style creates the idealenvironment for anyone to fall in love with wine.Benedetta Vitaliis a chef and owner ofthe renowned TrattoriaZibibbo in her nativeFlorence. Zibibbo hasreceived high prise forits authentic Tuscanflavors in the NY Times,Gourmet magazine, Food and Wine and in allmajor Italian restaurant guides. Benedetta isalso a published cookbook author. She loves tohost cooking classes and share her knowledgeof the Tuscan kitchen with others, alwaysemphasizing fresh and locally purchasedingredients.OUR SELECTION OF FINEITALIAN WINES AND FOODSProsciutto di Parma Dop of the Prosciutto di Parma ConsortiumTraditional Balsamic Vinegar from Modena MalpighiPasolini Dall'Onda Laudemio Extra Virgin Olive OilArnaldo CapraiBindellaBoscarelliBruno GiacosaCastell'in VillaCastello di BanfiCastello di MonsantoCecchiCesaniCognoCol d'OrciaCollemassariGuicciardini StorzziFattoria di ValianoFontodiFratelli RevelloGigiRossoGrattamaccoIl PalagioneIsole e OlenaLatiumLunelli-FerrariMauro MolinoMassolinoMontevetranoPanizziPunsetSolationeTassiTenuta delle RipalteTenute FriggialiTenute NardiTenute San LeonardoTerrealsoleTornesi
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