CASALOSTECOMPETENCE AND DEVOTION. Giovanni Battista d'Orsi founded his young winery on these concepts. The competence derives from careful studies and the contribution of skilled personnel. Though an oenologist himself, Giovanni Battista d'Orsi works together with qualified professional oenologists who provide an additional guarantee and constructive confrontation in the delicate stages of wine-making and ageing.Fattoria Casaloste employs exclusively organic methods of farming, as certified by its membership in the ICEA (Istituto per la Certificazione Etica ed Ambientale), an organic farming guild. But all this is not enough. Wine, and especially Chianti Classico, is essentially alive and, like all living things, needs love to survive. The aim of Giovanni d'Orsi is to produce sublime Chianti and his life is organized around this objective. Fattoria Casaloste is his only property and where he lives with his family. Wine-making is his only profession. For these reasons, the winery assures dependable, long-term quality and stability: Giovanni d'Orsi will always be a wine-maker!The general organization of Fattoria Casaloste reflects the typical Tuscan tradition of farm activities linked to the seasons. But in detail, things change even radically. The motto of the winery, "Essere piccoli per fare grandi vini" ("Be small to make great wines"), encloses all the wine-making philosophy of Fattoria Casaloste. Being small means dedication to careful inspection of the grapes on the vines, correct pruning, prompt and selective action in case of disease and choosing the exact best time for harvest and other timely interventions. Being small means the flexibility to avoid damaging days of rain during harvest or prolong ripening in splendid, sunny October days.And more: in the cellars special machines are used to avoid eurostresseuro to wines.During the wine-making, the ageing and all other phases, a lot of analysis and quality controls are made."Fattoria Casaloste", is a wine farm placed in the Chianti hills in Panzano in Chianti, municipality of Greve, near Florence, Italy. The Fattoria Casaloste stretches for nearly 19 hectares, 10,5 in which Chianti Classico vines are grown, producing about 60,000 bottles of wine per year.The present owner is Mr. Giovanni Battista d'Orsi, an agronomist and enologist. He oversees all wine making processes personally, starting from the gathering of grapes up to the refinement in French oak casks (wine bottling is carried on into the farm).
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