Gin & Tonic... and Sailing

The quintessence of English tradition with a fresh new manifestation, Sabatini Gin.The mastermind of the Sabatini Family who linked up with master gin expert Charles Maxwell at Thames Distillers to create a new unprecedented Gin.All the botanicals come from Tuscany and are grown primarily on the Sabatini estate. These 9 herbs including juniper coriander, iris, fennel, lavender, olive leaves, thyme, verbena and sage, are harvested on the families own Tuscan estate and sent to London for the artisanal brewing process which produces a Gin that is full-bodied but not overbearing, leaving behind a delicate, lingering aftertaste".The Sabatini estate is near Cortona, which came to international acclaim with the film Under the Tuscan Sun. Cortona boasts views over Lake Trasimeno and the Val di Chiana.Why not sip a Sabatini Gin and Tonic on a private boat tour on Lake Trasimeno?Our private boat tour will show you the splendors of the surrounding lake landscape and allow you to experience the beautiful natural vistas found all around.Our journey around the fabled Trasimeno lake starts in the morning on a private boat skippered by your friendly captain. While enjoying the views over the hills, rich in olive groves, vineyards, fruit groves and villages mirroring the water, you will be served a choice of Sabatini Gin, wines, soft drinks and local traditional snacks. You will disembark on Maggiore Island, the only inhabited island of the lake, for a panoramic stroll through picturesque windy streets. The small fishing village, today has only around thirty residents. Most of the buildings, including the ruins of a Franciscan monastery, date from the 1300s. The island is also famed for its lace and embroidery production example of which you can admire in the local museum. Then it is onto Polvese, the largest of the islands, you are welcome to dive in the clear fresh waters or simply relax on board. An informal lunch of genuine products will be served in a local restaurant in Polvese.During your day on your private boat tour you will also come across and discover interesting Etruscan, Roman and Middle Age archaeological remains.Explore the wonders of Lake Trasimeno while relaxing and being pampered by the onboard crew.
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