Gourmet Food Travel In Italy- What If You're Not A Food Journalist?

Want to taste the incredible traditional flavors of Liguria? Rome? Here's a chance to live vicariously through a New York Times food columnist: take a look at Mark Bittman's blog euroBitteneuro and hone in on his posts at the beginning of March. Bittman describes some of the delicious foods he tasted during his travels to Italy, and includes some mouthwatering pictures.What would be even better? Tasting those fresh delicacies yourself of course! Looking for your own expert to show you the hidden gourmet secrets of Italy? Interested in meeting small producers and visiting small family-run wineries? Le Baccanti designs delicious excursions featuring authentic local specialties and flavors in Liguria, Tuscany, Rome and all over Italy. All of our tours are lead by fun and engaging expert guides. Email us at lebaccanti@lebaccanti.com for more information.
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