Gourmet Market Walk

A great way to help participants relax and be entertained during a convention or incentive tripFlavors, tastes and vibrant colors of local culinary traditionLead by a food expert to introduce guests to new ideasHistoric market area and beautiful architectureParticipants breathe the fresh air as they walk through this open museumMarket Gourmet Food Walk How it worksOur gourmet food expert encounters the group at their hotel or a local bar, and after a quick espresso (what better way to start a gourmet walk), the group heads to a charming local food market where they will explore the local delicacies together. The Italian marketplace is a vibrant, colorful place full of enticing smells and a myriad of hidden treasures your gourmet guide is ready to reveal.Tripe, prosciutto, Parmesan cheese, balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, kale, tomatoes, pumpkins, panforte, biscotti, Chianti Classico, Barolo, Amarone.This isnt a magic potion it is the ingredient list for an unforgettable morning!Why Choose the Market Gourmet Food Walk for your group?We can fully customize your Food Market Walk to your guests needs and what you hope to accomplish and ensure that the group has a wonderful time. We are happy to arrange for group transfers in luxury minibuses or to have the group be met at your hotel or convention center or another convenient meeting spot.Where the Food Market Walk takes placeFlorence, Siena, Rome, Milan, Turin, Bologna and many other cities and towns offer the perfect setting for this entertaining and enjoyable gourmet walk. Yum!

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