Gourmet Orienteering – The Treasure Hunt full of Flavor

Entertainment and teambuilding while in contact with natureThe intense emotions of a contest and the delicious taste of unique and genuine flavorsA game of ability, speed, intelligence and use of the sensesInnovative Teambuilding activity- planning and executing together as a team creates a new bond How does Gourmet Orienteering work?The Le Baccanti Orienteering Leader introduces the game and explains the rules of Gourmet Orienteering. The participants then set off, with all the materials they will need in hand, on a route set up for them by our Orienteering experts. The search for clues and delicious treasures make the game fun and exciting as participants race against the clock and the other teams to win!Why choose Gourmet Orienteering for your next Corporate Teambuilding?We highly recommend this unique, hands-on game that gets participants outside, exploring and getting to know the local area and tasting the local products. This is a rich, sensory experience that creates a special team bond as participants have to rely on each other to find the next stop on their route while getting to taste the local delicacies. The polar opposite of those stuffy boardroom experiences this is vivid, hands-on and an experience no one will forget.Where does Gourmet Orienteering take place?The hills of Chianti or other location in the beautiful Tuscan countryside is the perfect setting for this simply scrumptious activity. However, our Orienteering team can custom design an itinerary for any countryside location, quaint hilltop village, or even bustling city like Florence or Rome!
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