Grado and its Lagoon


From Trieste, Venice is a little over an hour drive. But on the way there there is the world to visit.

One place where we stopped and loved is Grado. This is a very small town located between the sea and the lagoon.

It can be a great day tour or one could try and get a little house in one of the min-tiny islands to stay there a little longer. One of the reasons for this would be Michele of Taverna Androna. He is the chef and owner of this little elegant Trattoria in the heart of Grado, surrounded by 12th century architecture.

Taking a look at the menu gives you an idea straight away: soft shell small crabs; venetian clams soup (with a great indian spicy twist); the classic Spaghetti alle vongole (which as you can see Milo devoured), cod and everyday fresh fish that Michele would get from the auction at the market.

After the meal, we pay and have a chat with Michle who offers to take us for a boat ride to the lagoon. We are late with our schedule but caneurot refuse such an offer and so off we go.

This experience is bit like flying in helicopter to the Grand reverse. Loads of water no land, but the same spaciousness where your mind will wonder freely somewhere else higher then here and now. This is the beauty of traveling.

Getting on a motor boat in the lagoon from Grado means to get in to a different spacious and big horizon water universe. Your point of references here would be only some small little islands with proportionally small houses. Usually the size of this islands are like that one of a 3 bedroom flat with garden and a pool, a big though:)

Some of these houses can be rented but it is not easy to get them, tough just take a look a it. Do you want to finish to write the book of your life? Romantic getaway? Family reunion? Or Friends get together? This is the place to be.

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