Honey in Tuscany

It is a well-known fact that the Italians love their food, and indeed it is the most popular topic of conversation over every meal! What is great about Italy in general, and Tuscany specifically, is the speciality products that can be found everywhere, one in particular being honey.There are a number of typical types of honey coming from Tuscany, including acacia, chestnut, sunflower, clover, 'abete' (resin coming from fir-trees), 'sulla' (made from crimson clover) and 'erica' (heather broom) and they come from the hands of committed bee-keepers.There are two types of systems used, "Nomadic" bee-keeping is when the hives are brought to each type of flower as it blooms, and then that of "Positioned" hives, where the hives remain with one particular flower. In Italy, these single-flower honeys must contain at least 50 per cent of the named species.Honey producers are all too aware of the damage pesticides are currently doing to their bees. The Island of Elba in particular, produces wonderfully pure honey, due to the lack of pesticides or pollutants in the wilderness, namely thistle-flower, herbs or 'corbezzelo' (the strawberry tree).Tasting Tip: One of the best ways to eat the traditional Tuscan goats cheese 'pecorino' , is to slice it and drizzle honey all over it. Delicious
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