Honey Tours in Tuscany

Tuscany is one of the top tourist destinations in Italy. And for good reason too! Abundant agriculture, spectacular wine country, luxurious resorts, mind-blowing food and of course beautiful landscapes. Tourists know Tuscany for its wine, but did you know Tuscany is also one of the top producers of honey? You could go as far as to call Tuscany "Il Miele dell'Italia" (the honey of Italy). Tuscany has a deep rooted history with bee-keeping and produces several varieties of honeys such as chestnut, acacia, rosemary, wildflower, eucalyptus and even exotic types like artichoke and strawberry honey!Honey is a great indicator of a rich agricultural region as bees thrive off thousands of plants and flowers in order to produce their wondrous nectar. Bees are said to be in danger, they are declining in populations. Without bees, agriculture would cease to exist as bees pollinate the flowers that sustain our ecosystem. Honey is a wonderful food, filled with enzymes and nutrients. It is said that eating local honey is a natural remedy for seasonal allergies. Therefore, it is always suggested to buy single sourced, artisan unprocessed honey. When you are in Tuscany, consider trying some of the many varieties this diverse gastronomic region produces. You can learn about all the different varieties of honeys in Tuscany via The Honey Traveler and then take ourhoney tasting tour in Tuscany!You'll be surprised to see the production, bee-keeping methods and of course to taste all the different varieties! Honey will never just be honey you swirl around in your tea. It will become a gorgeous sweet gold that will enhance any cheese plate, make a great base for salad dressings, topping for ice-cream, a mix-in with ricotta and pine nuts for a decadent dessert, as well as a condiment for fruit salads and breads.
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