In Milan for the Expo 2015? Here's how to take a break!

Milan, best known for fashion and industry, will be home to the largest event on nutrition ever organized in Italy. As the expo will be running from early May through the end of October, you will find yourself in Milan during the best part of the year for participating in external activities, like a wine tour during the harvest season, or a cooking course to utilize seasonal ingredients featured in the Expos presentation of sustainable agriculture.Some things to consider doing during your free time in the city could be a walking tour of the city, with a personalized guide that can show you the best (and lesser-known) sights in Milan, and should the whim strike, Bergamo, a nearby hidden gem of a city filled with art and architecture. Another idea, if you prefer to stay within the Milan city center, could be a Milan Wine Talk, to be led by your personal expert enologist.If youre more of a foodie, an exploration within Milans cafe and local gourmet speciality scene could be in order. Another fantastic idea would be a visit to a winery featuring Gavi wines, and to learn hands-on how to prepare the delicious Amaretti cookies, beloved throughout Italy. If you have a little more time on your hands, consider a cooking course either in a private Milan home, or in a professional kitchen setting within the Milan city walls.Whatever your interests, Milan and the surrounding areas are bound to contain fascinating side-trips for your brain and your stomach during a break from the Expo. For more extensive travel and food ideas during the Milan Expo of 2015, be sure to contact the expert travel staff at Le Baccanti, and make the most of your time in Lombardy!
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