ITALIAN FINE WINES AT BRYAN ADAMS STUDIOSBy Filippo BartolottaThis morning we woke up early despite the heavy Beverly Hills night to go to the farmers market near Main Street in Santa Monica with Private Chef Kelly Thompson and Barbara.The objective was the get the freshest food for a surprise LeBaccanti Saint Valentine's day at Bryan Adams Studios.We were after strawberries, chocolate and Parmigiano to use our 25 year old Malpighi Balsamic Vinegar and then fresh vegetables and salads for our Pasolini dall'Onda Extravirgin Olive Oil.Before getting there I have some time for a little vegan snack while we head to Kelly's place to prepare everything.KELLY THOMPSON works as a private chef around the L.A. Area. This is her phone number 229-347-3107Kelly tossed some fresh asparagus on the grill for a minute, we washed the salads and roots and off we go to the Studios.We get there right before lunch break. Unload the car and set silently everything up.Bryan was working at his computer, while splendid Nia Vardalos was having some coffee.We laid everything out in a split second while the wines were getting served: Grattamacco 2001, Bindella 2006, Propriet Sperino 2006, Terra al Sole 2004, Montevetrano 2005, Cecchi Chianti Classico Riserva di Famiglia 2005, Tenuta Friggiali 2004, Castelleuroin Villa Poggio delle Rose 1998.Meanwhile Barbara and Kelly were finishing off the last touches with the Aceto Balsamico and the Extravirgin Olive Oil.

Vally comes to great us with her calm smile and Mr Adams turns up nice and easy and goes directly for the Extravirgin Olive oil, I was about to talk to him about Laudemio and with a perfect italian accent he goes: hoo yeah...I know Laudemio very well, and the Balsamic Vinegar!He prove to be incredibly tuned in with high quality Italian gourmet food. Then he sips a drop of Brunello Terra al Sole and a drop of Uvaggio and goes back to work.Now it was for us time to leave not before having Bryan taking a picture with us though!What a great start of the day! Usually good starts always bring good rest of the day.We managed a half an hour beach time, lobster roll -at Lobster in Ocean Ave with some Vernaccia di Sangimigano and catching up with computer work before the big event with Kelly and Van and their great friends.Their house in Santa Monica has a pretty big garden with all sorts of herbs and vegetables, an outdoor kitchen and a brick oven where Van was making sure that Kelly's Pizzas were nicely done. I was putting the wines in the wright order.Here is where Italy at Your Table Santa Monica took place. Three round tables with white linen, six glasses per person, twelve great Italian wines, Kelly great cuisine and a lot of fun.We started with Il Palagione Vernaccia di Sangimignano Hydra 2008 which everyone loved and carried on with our Grattamacco 2001, Montevetrano 2006, Caprai Selezione 25 anni 2003, Propriet Sperino Uvaggio 2006, Cepparello 2006, Barbaresco Punset 2001, Tenute Friggiali 2004, Bindella 2006, Castelleuroin Villa Poggio alle Rose1998, Amarone Latium Campo Leon 2005, Collemassari 2004, Meletti Cavallari Aleatico Tenuta delle Ripalteto finish everything off.It was a great night where we travelled from Florence to Montalcinio; from Siena to Montepulciano; from Bolgheri, land of the Super Tuscans to Langhe -land of Barolo and Barbaresco- from Amalfi Coast, Capri, Revello and Positano di the land of Romeo and Juliet: Verona; and from Montefalco land of Sagrantino to the Island of Elba for the sweet/non sweet Aleatico.A trip that is difficult to forget, a trip into Italy true wine Dolce Vita for a very romantic pre-trip to Italy starting right here in Santa Monica.Van got us a cab while sipping a drop of one of his favorite Armagnac Francisc Darroze Les Pices Oublies 15 ans. He told me a great story of the same producer but 45 years old Armagnac as the best spirit of his life. I wondered what that could have been in considering the 15 ans was sooo the smooth and gentle.I love Italy at Your Table, my wines and my very sophisticated and yet laid backhosts!
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