Italian Team Building: Wine, Food, Culinary Arts and Culture

What is the objective of a Team Building event?

There are many objectives to a teambuilding even and they all derive from the desire to foster cooperation, comradery and team spirit. For this reason many companies decide to organize team building activities for their employees.Can Team Building activities be entertaining?Yes, if the teambuilding event is done by professional staff it can be entertaining! Very often Team Building is also used as opportunities for fun, recreation and incentive to staff and management.Team Building activities can be adapted in many different ways, including aspects of games and creativity in order to provide an enjoyable evening outside of work. The activities can be customized according to the objectives you want to achieve.Le Baccanti specializes in creating Team Building with wine, food and culinary instruction in Italy.

Why Team Building with wine?

Team Building activities with wine are an excellent way to engage all the senses in order to stimulate a group's interest. Sight, smell, touch and taste are the tools that participants will be asked to use for games and for the challenge of the evening. Wine events usually involve a picturesque location, the vast knowledge of a wine expert and enthusiasm of our team to complete the recipe. Team Building Options: Wine Appreciation, Aperitivo in Milan or Make Your Own Wine.

Why Team Build with a cooking class?

Using Italian food and culinary arts as a medium for team building will highlight the various aptitudes and abilities of your employees and will be an excellent opportunity to bring to light your participants' leadership, manual and problem solving skills, organization capabilities and ability to work under pressure.How many of your employees are accustomed to making pasta by hand? And how many can make 10 consistently shaped ravioli in 2 minutes? Here's how you can put them to the test:Team Building Options: Pasta Challenge, Cooking in Chianti Classico, Roman Cooking, Outdoor Chef Challenge.

Why Team Build using music and art?

Team Building with music and art amplifies the sense already engaged by wine. Italy is full of musical and artistic masterpieces that will inspire and awe.Team Building options: Wine and Music OR Wine, Art and Music.For over ten years Le Baccanti has provided the finest service in customized luxury cultural food and wine vacations and day tours in Tuscany and Italy. Our personalized services are recommended by BBC Travel, The Independent, Le Monde, The Telegraph and scores of satisfied wine, food and art lovers.For more information, visit theCorporate Events section of our website. Contact us to plan your next corporate event!
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