LOMBARDYLombardyeuros prime areas for quality are once again Franciacorta and the Valtellina, the prior also for quantity, second only to the Oltrep. Production there - the only regional zones qualified for a DOCG - keeps to good standards even in less favourable years. The neighbouring Oltrep Pavese, a vast eurowine machineeuro, is going through a renovation phase and shows signs of rapid revival, with newcomers like the Castello di Cigognola strongly in evidence. Other important zones, too, are on the upswing: Lugana white, for example, may well become a regional reference standard. Leteuros hope that fortune will also visit the Garda area, where, save a few exceptions here and there, most wines are still rather rustic, anaemic and touristy. Lombard prices fit all pockets, even for important quality products.
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