"Liguria, as a glance at the map will show, is small, narrow and precipitously mountainous from great heights down into the sea. It produces several wines of different character, all currently in phases of renewed interest and development. The old image of oenological superficiality and touristy plonk is changing. Whites from the eastern Colli di Luni, until recently the weakest link in the chain, are now well cared for and lend ever more prestige to noble and autochthonous products like Vermentino and Pigato. Reds, too, are on the upswing as they emerge from rustic simplicity under the care of knowledgeable and enterprising producers. The somewhat anaemic Rossese di Dolceacqua and Ormeasco di Pornassio are benefiting from the greatly improved profiles of West Ligurian products like Terre Bianche, Tenuta Giuncheo and Durin. In short: attractions and names to remember arent lacking. The Cinque Terre, too, are undergoing a renaissance, largely under the leadership of Walter De Batt: Lambruschi and Cascina delle Terre Rosse offer strong values, Giacomelli and Il Monticello are rising stars, and Cooperativa dAgricoltura Vallata di Levanto has much to good to offer. As most wines from areas of difficult geographical access, Ligurian ones are not readily found outside the regional borders, but the competitive prices make a trip there worth its cost."Text from the Espresso Guide to Italian Wines 2007. Authors Ernesto Gentili and Fabio Rizzari.Editor of English version Filippo Bartolotta
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