Although Venetia contains many denominations and under-denominations, the Regioneuros most important production in both quantitative and qualitative terms comes from the lands around Verona. Two protagonists rule the lot: Valpolicella on one side, Soave on the other. The prior, given over to Reds, boasts of the Amarone as its truest representative and the Recioto as its most tradition-crowned figureheads. With much pleasure we can report significant improvements in the Valpolicella Superiore, both Classico and regular, in its ever more successful search for its own identity. Soave, on the other shore, harbours what today may well be thought of as the most hailed and fascinating expression of any autochthonous Italian White. Strengthened by a fine year like 2004 euroeuro doubtless the best for a long time euroeuro Soave, and especially its Classico, offers a series of excellent choices.But Venetiaeuros vintners certainly areneurot confined to the province of Verona. There is much a-do around Vicenza, Breganza and Colli Berici. Almost within sight of Padua, Reds flourish in the hills of Colli Euganei, where a local under-climate unusually favourable to oenoculture has prevailed for centuries. Trevisoeuros hinterland remains the second-largest productive euroreservoireuro of the Region. The Reds of Piave and, to a lesser degree, of Colli di Conegliano, are dominated by the image of the Prosecco of Valdobbiadene and Conegliano, a Spumante made with the Charmat method that has been leading the revival symptoms for the Piave and Conegliano zones. Most of these areas are seeking a lighter, more modern stylistic profile to replace the one of old-time artisanship.
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