Barring a thin assemblage of exceptions, Sardinian wines are not among those sought, collected and admired by the worldeuros connoisseurs. A bit of a shame, that, because our sampling taught us, upon due meditation, that in fact many of them certainly need not fear comparison with infinitely more famous Italian and foreign products. From the simplest to the most ambitious, the best insular Reds share the praiseworthy traits of tannic gentleness, drinkableness and immediacy, the last present even in the ponderous Cannonau. One isneurot invaded by the onslaught of heavy and bitter tannins that perturbs so many wines of the nearby Central Italian mainland. To phrase it in technical terms: there is little or no over-extraction, only pleasant products without invasive spikes. The situation is much the same among the Whites, save that a much wider middle level prevails, without many significant deviations above or below. Our annual reconnoitring among the best of the island has reconfirmed the status of the better- and best-known producers and brought to light excellent bottles created by dedicated unknowns, even wines with grand personalities that caneurot be produced elsewhere. In short: we found the confirmation, as though one were necessary, of the great potential of Sardiniaeuros oenoculture, a potential contained above all in the heritage of local grapes. Weeuroll keep aloof from the pro and cons of euromodernisteuro methods euroeuro densely serried vineyards, selected clones, state-of-the-art machinery euroeuro and the traditional ways. High-quality products come from large well-capitalised enterprises as well as from small artisan growers . . . and yet, the quality of wines grown in ancient vineyards and obtained by low-tech methods can be astonishing. Our records show that our best experienced came from wines euroborneuro on classical Sardinian vineyards: Cannonau, Vermentino, Carignano, Casco, Cagnulari . . . . Text from the Espresso Guide to Italian Wines 2007. Author and Co-Author Ernesto Gentili and Fabio Rizzari. Editor of English version Filippo Bartolotta
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