ROME. euro Exportation of Italian wines to the United States continues to soar: according to the latest statistics released by the Italian Wine and Food Institute (IWFI), the first six months of 2005 saw an increase of 6.3% in quantity and 13.6% in value. The Instituteeuros analysts attribute this to the slight strengthening of the dollar against the euro, to a mild recession in Australian wine exports, and to the seriousness and determination with which Italian producers faced, analysed and overcame their marketing difficulties. Their success, says IWFI president Lucio Caputo, is especially significant because it has reversed the picture for the same period of 2004, when Italy was surpassed by Australia after years of uncontested leadership.Italy and Australia divide between themselves the lioneuros share of the American import market, Italy currently holding 31% and Australia, hard on her heels, 30.6%. Their combined 61.6% leaves a comparatively modest 38.4% to all the rest of the worldeuros producers combined. Average prices of wines imported into the United States during the first six months of this year are $4.96 for Italian products ($4.64 dollars in the same period last year), $3.81 for the Australian ($3.94), $8.08 for the French ($8.03) and $2.77 for the Chilean ($2,80).
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