Italy at Your Table at The Metropolitan Museum

Italy at Your Table at The Metropolitan MuseumBy Filippo BartolottaLoads of things to do in this amazing city that in a way I feel my own and that keeps me restlessly busy.So yesterday we spent the whole day working in Union Square at the headquarter of Italian Wine Merchants. We did take a fancy lunch break, but...hey what can I do I am in town with Luciano Zazzeri, Italy's best fish Chef!So we went to Morimoto in the "meat packing district".Food was good, but I am having the feeling that this fancy/design/celebrity chef restaurants are all becoming the same kind of experience all over the world: comfortably, cold, clean, neutral but expensive. We then got back to work to sort all the wines out and at eight we stopped at Casamono for Spanish tapas and awesome Vigna Tondonia 2000.The morning after we were meant to have a couple of hours meeting to finalize details for the event at the MET, but guess what: we got out of it at quarter to seven!We met with Chef Fred Sabo to discuss the menu with Luciano Zazzeri.Although a very long day, I had enjoyed every single minute of it!I mean it took us three months to make it happen and now we are here in the heart of the cultural centre of New York city about to host an amazing Italian Fine Wine and Food Dinner. Vanessa and Benedetta have been working flat hours to have everything come into place far so good.As not only the dinner went sold out immediately, but we will feature more events in the next coming three week-ends.WOW! So, so happy about this!Working closely with Luciano and Fred has been fantastic as we have beeing trying to overcome technical problem on how to prepare Luciano's dishes for our guest on Friday night. Luciano Zazzeri is a great chef. What I love most about him is his understatement and naif happiness about great food and wine. At 1900 we run to The blue Ribbon were Aj invited us for a prelude of tomorrow night's dinner.some of the best oyster ever had in my life, great blue crabs an cosy atmosphere, but above all a youthful and yet ready leathery, tobacco leaf, sweet and lingering Burgundy Chamertin Cloze deBeze 1996 and Bruno Giacosa Barbaresco 1978 with a funky palate, but a wonderfully ethereal nose.By the time we are about to go, the snow storm has arrived. We finishe New York best fried chicken and we went all very convinced for a Banana Split! Yes you read it right! I guess it had been over twenty years since I had one, but oh was good! Just what was needed for a long walk uptown in the snow.Benedetta finally is chilling out after a very long "stressful" day. Zazzeri just loves the snow:)Now is late in the night an dI am signing off as tomorrow early in the morning we are going to do shopping, starting a great dinner from scratch with Luciano Zazzeri choosing the freshest seas food from New York fish market.I am knackered but I look forward to tomorrow.Good night,f
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