Italy at Your Table goes to Washington D.C.

Italy at Your Table goes to Washington Filippo BartolottaLeaving the Big Apple is never easy. On my last day I caught up with Miriam and her "future husband" for a China Town Dim Sum lunch. Miriam has being traveling with LeBaccanti in a couple of trips: Amarone Tour, Friuli and a Truffle Hunt in Barolo Land. Miriam and her mum are some of the most adventurous eaters I ever met. Dim Sum is China Town is very comfort-food and we decide to go for it.Then we take a stroll towards Chambers Street to check some Italian Wines and Benedetta and I head off for an Italy at Your Table event on the Upper West Side with George and Chris "the Aussie Surgeons" and the wine platoon friends.
In a miserable rainy New York city day, it's great to recover in a warm beautiful New York house.Kathy, the dog, greats us with a big smile and I start the wine operations while waiting for George and Chris to turn up.But sure enough George opens the door and we start immediately to decide together the order of the wine tasting.We had out 12 golden Italian Fine Wines from italy at your table to have guests traveling from the Lower East Side -even better from Brooklyn- that is Modica in Sicily to The Upper West Side -that is the foot hills of the Mount Rosa Alps!The Italy at Your Table Selection is available at Italian Wine Merchants. Collectors may purchase just a few bottles or the full ItalyatYourTable case of:Bellavista,Graziano Pra,Romano Dal Forno,Luciano Sandrone,Propriet Sperino,Castello di Romitorio, Isole e Olena,Fattoria delle Ripalte,Fontodi,Feudi di San Gregorio, Petra and Arnaldo Caprai; then Modica chocolateBonajuto,theGran Deposito Aceto Balsamico Giuseppe Giusti andGalleria Frilli art works.What a wonderful night that was finishing with a last glass on the roof terrace overlooking New York city.As mentioned it was a little bit sad leaving New York so we made sure to have say good-bye with a wonderful Magnolia Bakery pink cheese cake, which chef Luciano Zazzeri loved!I also have to say how wonderful our friends and partners Italian Wine merchants have being looking after us and giving us a wonderful office space to work, making us feel home while away.Some more accounts on the New York pit stop will get there soon with the Dinner at AJ's with Luciano Zazzeri as the Chef!Meanwhile though we are already in Washington DC for our second year helping raising money for the Marhta's Table Charity! This is a great honor for us as not only we get to help for a great cause, but we also get to spend time with the best people in town. Starting with Joan Nathan who is the true engine behind the scene, in the next few days I'll introduce you to the whole Martha's table team.Italy at Your Table is here to pair our Italian Fine Wine and Food selection to the 14 menus of the 14 houses which hosts the fund raising dinner event.Alice Waters, Joan Nathan and Jos Andres have being putting their minds together to Benefi Marthaeuros Table and D.C. Central Kichen.LeBaccanti Tours has offered to match all the menus with our products. Last night I started to do my first event at Equinox where I held a tasting for chefs, journalists and press to talk about the matching food and wine of this great event.Joan Nathan and Filippo BartolottaMeeting at Nora's for some more wine chats!Catching up again with Sanders, the head of the volunteers getting ready to deliver the wines and foods at the 14 houses:Full details of the D.C. Charity will be soon disclosed, now I have to go or lunch...
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